Wear the Damn Lipstick!

Wear the Damn Lipstick!

I’ve always been different, but, not in a way that anyone would deem me strange (that I know of). It was more like, outgoing, intriguing, curious, bold, and courageous! 

As early as I can remember, I knew that I was loved by God and that he really cared deeply for me! I also knew my parents had heartbeats that were dynamically in sync with mine and my siblings (blood and otherwise). 

I cannot remember the day I fell in love with lipstick but, I’m convinced that it is EVERYTHING!!!! It speaks VOLUMES!!!

I would (and still do) try any color and was doing ombré-like things with it before it was even popular. I’d blend colors without a second guess and have pouty lips all day👄.

Yes, at some point, I decided that I didn’t care what anyone had to say about how I lived my life as long as I was striving to be like Christ and be righteous. 

So, I do those things and wear those color lipsticks that make me happy and send a message!!! 

  • I wear the damn lipstick because He’s got me.
  • I wear the damn lipstick because He came just for me.
  • I wear the damn lipstick because I’m wonderfully made.
  • I wear the damn lipstick because I’m fearfully made.
  • I wear the damn lipstick because I’m saved by grace.
  • I wear the damn lipstick because I’m unique and special in Him. 
  • I wear the damn lipstick because I’m enjoying every single day He gives me.

I encourage you to… 

  • Let go of the negative thoughts.
  • Know that you’re enough! 
  • Let go of negative self talk.
  • Believe you’re BEAUTIFUL. 
  • Know that you DESERVE to be unapologetically you. 
  • Let your Divine Beauty shine and be the light of the world.
  • Feel that you are a masterpiece, art.


Choose Confidence 

Choose Dignity 

Choose Hope 

Choose to let your Soul Rejoice! 

Choose to, “Wear the Damn Lipstick!”

Move forward in RIGHTeousness XO❤️



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