10 Ways to Love Yourself First!

10 Ways to Love Yourself First!

I am not certain why we grow up learning to pour into others more than we pour into ourselves. We strive at an early age to please others, make them happy, make them smile, love them more, and seek their approval.

Well, it is time for us to focus on us and be our number one supporter. We have to believe that we are our own best friend and, live life according to our own terms. Honestly, if we do not pour into ourselves and be our number one priority, who will?

We need to separate our thinking from, “Do not toot your own horn,” “Always remain humble,” “Do not be so prideful,” or “Always be respectful.”

I learned a lot of these principles in a book I was gifted with year’s ago that spoke to me deeply. Unfortunately, this book is now out of print, but, I am certain the principles are more so true today.

  1. Positive self talk early – Instead of checking your email or social sites. Instead, use that time to speak positive affirmations over yourself and command the entire direction of your day.
  2. Think more positive thoughts – We will all have negative thoughts come into our heads but, they key is to not let them linger or set up shop. Recognize them and immediately reject them with something positive. The move you do this, the easier it will get. Trust me, this was a huge breakthrough for me.
  3. Compliment yourself – Find things throughout the day to say about yourself. Compliment yourself and mean every single word you say. In fact, speak those things you desire of yourself over yourself.
  4. Be honest with yourself and others – Tell the truth and shame the devil! LOL! Tell yourself the truth no matter what and, stop allowing others to encourage you in your wrong and basically lie to you. In return, you should do the same for them. That is what true friendship and relationships (of all types) is about.
  5. Surrender yourself – Give your life over to a higher being (God), learn to trust the source (God), depend on the source (God), and love the source (God). This only will begin to boost your confidence, self-esteem, and self-love.
  6. Be Grateful – I believe that gratitude is the key to a well rounded life. In fact, I know that the more you give thanks, the more will be returned to you. I have a FREE Gratitude Guide to help you to pause, reflect, and make the necessary shift needed.
  7. Trust the process – Believe that everything you are working towards for the betterment of your life will come true in due season. In fact, having a heart full of hope will lead you to focus on yourself and needs a bit more.
  8. Get some help – I don’t care what is going on around you, it is okay to stop, seek help, start over, and live different. This can be anything from counseling to housekeepers. Free yourself up and get some help so you won’t loose your necessary strength.
  9. Know your worthy – The mere fact that you are alive and dwelling in the earth speaks to your absolute value. You are full of greatness, wonders, miracles, and able to succeed. If you do not believe anything else, believe your worth more than the rarest gem.
  10. Rest but do not quit – No matter what it looks like or feels like, keep the faith, hold your head up, and do not give up. Greater is coming!

Make the love of yourself a top priority and ensure that you are doing those things that will do just that. One way that this can happen (this is a bonus) is to spend some quality time with yourself. Not just a few minutes or hours, spend an entire day showing love to yourself. Take yourself to the spa, salon, dinner, and the movies. Sit quietly with your own thoughts and put, “I Love Myself” on repeat in your head.

Move Forward In RIGHTeousness XOXO 



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