4 Ways To Know That Your Tongue Needs Healing

4 Ways To Know That Your Tongue Needs Healing


About 15 years ago, I was casually walking through a book store as I often did then and still do now. Yes, I am one of those people who was/is sold on the idea that the library and book store are my friend. And, when one sincerely thinks about it, all of the wisdom and knowledge based in these two locations alone are awe inspiring.

Words are the material out of which the whole universe is constructed. In fact, the earth was created by the spoken word and the earth responds to the spoken word. So, please do not be dismayed into thinking that, “they are only words.” No, in fact, they are so much more than that and have more power than one can imagine.  SN – That is why we must be very careful what we say to children especially because it may impact their lives in more ways than we will ever see (long-term).

Now, as I was saying, I would literally spend hours on end in bookstores and this particular day was no different, I was enjoying all of the titles, reading exactly what the book was about. But, when I strolled by one particular title, and after looking at the price ($5.00), I shrugged my shoulders and said, “What the heck, it may be worth something.” Little did I know that this particular book would change my life and world, literally. The book I am referring to is Does Your Tongue Need Healing?by Derek Prince, and it is poignantly written and in a simple manner for an individual like me — a get to the point kind of woman.

Now, I know exactly why I needed a tamed tongue, yes, I was the child who was trained to speak up for myself, defend my family, friends, and anyone else I felt did not have the strength to do it themselves. Yes, I am that child that always had something to say and had absolutely no problem speaking my mind. But, being willing to always speak up made me very hard and I used my tongue as a switchblade a lot.

Here are four quick ways to know if your tongue needs healing:

1. You look for the wrong opportunity to speak up and say something – Yes, you are the one always listening and thinking about what you can say to whomever to make a statement or to even belittle the individual somehow. You are more prone to always jump in and out of any and every conversation. If this sounds like you, your tongue may need healing.

2. You believe that what you have to say is way more important – Yes, you are the one who truly believe (in your heart) that what you need, not have to say is profound and life changing and you minimize what others have to say often. Everyone else is wrong and you are always right. Again, does this sound like you? Does your tongue need healing?

3. Are you more apt to tell a lie instead of being honest and telling the truth – First, yes, you’ve got it, we all have and will “lie!”  But, if you find yourself doing so often and not having a problem with it (its second nature), I must challenge you that your tongue needs healing.

4. Have people told you that you are too harsh and hurt their feelings often – There is not much to say here except that people will muster up enough strength to express how you make them feel after they get fed up with you. Believe them when they tell you how you made them feel with your powerful tongue. Does this sound like you? If so, your tongue needs healing.

Just like the small rudder can steer a large vessel on water, so can our tongues. Our tongues are very powerful and the earth will shift in whatever direction we tell it to when using this muscle, whether it is in the right way (life) or the wrong way (death).

Trust me, I know all about the tongue and I know how to tame it. And, this may sound cliché, but, if I can tame my tongue, anyone can (I still have some work to do). And no, it is not easy, but the more aware you are of the words that you let flow from your lips, the easier it is to overcome.

And remember, “The tongue like a sharp knife kills without even drawing any blood!”

Question: “Does your tongue need healing?”

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO



  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    Lol my coworker tells me I’m mean – I warned him though to think before he speaks! He always comes and makes skin colored jokes, it’s so weird!! Why do people do that? “Because we’re the same skin color!” when clearly we’re not and it’s awkward to point it out and awkward if I don’t.. So I think he’s an exception. My tongue tries to be nice but it’s so hard and we’ve all told him to be more mindful of his commentary but he doesn’t get it. Great post yet again Yulunda! Happy Hump Day! -Iva

    • YGladney says:

      Honey listen, I work so hard to keep this tongue in its place.

      I listened to a Ted Talk today my Mellody Hobson and one of her points was that we must be comfortable with having the uncomfortable conversations.

      Sounds like he wishes to be in the skin your in and I’m talking about just the color, but the intelligence and good energy skin you have.

      At some point, he will get it. But, we all will.

      Yay \O/ your blog is back!

      • AwesomelyOZ says:

        Girl I know I have to make those statements and I’ve asked him ‘why do you make comments about skin color? It’s unnecessary” but it’s probably where he was raised and such – It’s just so awkward because I never encountered issues, thank God, and it’s weird to encounter someone who has and seems to have issues dealing/accepting it. Hmm need to watch that TedTalk – I LOVE TedTalks 🙂

  • M.Shanelle says:

    Hello Y!

    This article hit home for me. All I can do at this point is raise my hand

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