5 Small Steps to Happiness

5 Small Steps to Happiness


Is for everyone, yet many of us have most likely felt (at some point) that we do not deserve to have the best and that happiness may never happen for us.

The truth is that happiness really has no limits and we all deserve to be happy and by any means necessary. When I say necessary, I mean we must be very strategic with everything we do and ensure those things are driving us towards sheer happiness.

Let me pause here and say that it is not easy, but it is certainly possible. I know as I have learned over the years what it takes to become happier more each day. And, the pathway to happiness is different for everyone’s path cannot be compared as it is special and set in motion just for you or me. Rest in this truth!

Here are five ways to more happiness…

  1. Live life in the present – I have learned that we must focus on the moment we are in and spend way more time in the present than in the future or past. I learned this when I read the Power of Now as I fully realized that now is all we have and we must make it count as that is the true happiness.
  2. Take care of your body – Okay, this has to be the most challenging for not only me, right? But, since last summer, I have become even more dedicated to being mindful of me and most importantly my body. This encompasses me ensuring that I get the rest I need, time alone, travel, and reading a good book at least every other month. Like Arianna Huffington stated in Thrive, which I wrote about in detail here, we must create a life of well-being, wisdom, and wonder. Also, I need to ensure you take time for yourself to gain true and real happiness.
  3. Serve someone else – Serving others is the most rewarding and happiness building acts that I know of. It feels so damn good to bless others with no strings attached.
  4. Be comfortable with you – Yes, like I said, nobody compares to you! You are as special as your fingerprint and more dynamic than anyone else in your own right. Walk in this truth and know you Rock! Walk towards your happiness now!
  5. Have some gratitude – Gratitude is the key to pleasure and happiness in life. When you are grateful for not only the big things in your life, but also the tiny/small/little things, the universe will respond favorably on your behalf. I have created a FREE Gratitude Guide for you to begin to really learn how to use gratitude for greater.

It is my hope that you will focus more on you, take better care of you, know that you are unique, and that you deserve happiness!

Move Forward in Righteousness XOXO 


  • Latonja says:

    These five points are very well put together; some I am doing now in my life, thanks for the positive energy you put in your Blogs.


    • YGladney says:


      It is certainly not easy but necessary and can happen. Life is too short to not seek happiness.


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