5 Steps to happy

5 Steps to happy

Overall, I am a very happy person and, I know that happy is a relative word and means something different to everyone. That is why we cannot look at someone else’s life and measure our happy against there’s (or what appears to be so).

Lately, I have been pondering the craziness happening all around me and realizing that with everything good there will be some very bad. And, we all know that somehow, the bad seems to make it to the forefront of stories been told, almost to the point of glorification and can kill our happiness.

If you ask people who spend time with me regularly, they will tell you that I am overall very positive person that exudes the word happy. Now, please understand that I have my moments when I am down, disenchanted, mentally drained, and physically tired. However, the difference is that I have taught myself not to linger there too long but to do whatever I must do to get back my happy.


The key is having the ability to shed a few tears without crying a river. Knowing how to move beyond the downtime’s of life as quickly as possible so you can continue to give your absolute best and move in the direction of greatness and a state of happy.

I am here to inspire you to get your happy and not to give you any hardcore rules. So, here are five quick ways that you can begin to use as you will for a life that is happy…

  1. Stop making it about you – People who are not humble, who are self-serving, who believes that everyone owes them something will not realize that the true joy comes from helping other’s to be happy. C.S. Lewis stated, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”
  2. Do it your way – To often, we make decisions based on what we ‘believe’ others want from us instead of following our heart and doing what you know will make you happy. I’m so serious when I say, “Stop caring about what people will say because, they are going to say it anyway!” But, the difference is, you will be smiling and happy doing you that you will not have time to even consider them. Just live your life!
  3. Only be around happy people – Like seriously, with the world we are living in, you must refuse to be around people who are needy, life sucking, woe unto me leaches. If you have them in your life, I challenge you to love them but, do not spend too much time with them as the poison they have inside of them will surely try to penetrate your happiness bubble. I went into detail here as I talk about poisonous people.
  4. Say, “NO” to Gossip – The one thing I have found that will destroy your energy swiftly is sitting around listening to people gossip about something that I can guarantee you has morphed into so much more than it really is. Gossip is draining and we cannot be the plumber to try to go in a fix it as you will be the one drained.
  5. Be Spontaneous – If a fun and exciting idea comes across your mind, there is a reason for it. Listen to your first mind and, if you have the time, funds, etc. make it happen!

Side note: I discussed happiness in detail here as well 😉

Hey, I love to learn from other’s so, let me know in the comments below how you get to your happy!

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO


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  • Lux G. says:

    Really, really great things to remember to be truly happy.
    Happy 4th of July!

  • This post made me smile. I recently had a conversation with my cousin about how I have trained myself to recognize when I am slipping into any kind of depression. I never let myself stay down for too long. These are all GREAT ways to get back to happy and I use them all! Love this!

    • YGladney says:

      I totally agree as I’ve suffered from acute anxiety and clinical depression and God delivered me BUT, I realized what my triggers are.

      I use everything I can to ensure my sanity and happiness!

      XO Beautiful

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