5 Things I’ve Learned During My First Year of Blogging

5 Things I’ve Learned During My First Year of Blogging

 Happy Black History Month! 

Black History Month


Today, I dedicate this post to all of those who came before me, those standing with me and those who shall follow after me who are in the fight for civil rights and liberties! Remember, “You don’t have to be one of to stand with!” #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter



My blog has officially turned “1” today and I cannot be happier that I’ve made it to this point. When I decided to start my blog (like most things of this nature), I had absolutely no clue of where to even begin. I knew that I wanted to write and get my feelings out, but, I did not fully understand what blogging was. But, one thing I knew is that all of the ‘hip’ people were doing it and since I am the dopest and hippest of them all (according to the mirror, mirror on the wall) naturally, I needed to become a blogger. So, I took the leap into the blogosphere and I am one of the many dots as many will happily say.

It still amazes me that I have literally had something to say via this platform two times a week and that I have been able to maintain my blog with so much consistently while growing, learning and become a better writer and individual. It speaks to one’s determination to succeed if only we believe.

After all I have experienced around my blog, I am super excited about what the future brings. Yes, I see nothing but greatness and bright(er) lights, opportunities and friendships blossoming. Now, I love to brag on myself when I can, but one thing is for certain, I am not an expert at blogging by any means and really feel like I have only tapped the surface of possibilities.

I really have learned some valuable lessons over the last 365 days that I believe can help anyone who desires to blog or who is a newbie to blogging. Wanna read them, here they are:

1. Don’t Believe Blogging is a Hobby and Easy

Blogging is a lot of work, especially in the beginning phases because not only are you learning all about blogging (I read two books), but, you are trying to understand how to set-up absolutely everything necessary to get the blog to look feel and operate. So, you have to learn all about WordPress, Favicons, Gavatards, Widgets, Hosting, URL’s, Affiliate Links, and so much more. It is amazing in every sense of the word. There is so much to learn and do, that I may have to dedicate an entirely new post just to walk one through that.


2. Don’t Get Caught Up In Statistics and Comparisons

When I first started blogging, I was trying to focus on immediate numbers. Then, I realized that I was called to blog to help as many people as I could and that my focus had to be on providing good content for my existing readers and potential readers. It was important for me to understand that I am not only managing a blog, but several social media sites that lead people back to me here. So, all of my effort cannot be spent on adding up the numbers for just Y I’m Writeous. If I only get 50 views in one day, I get excited because I have reached 50 who can reach 50 who can reach 50… The more I focus on building up others and sincerely desiring to help others through various mediums (groups, meet-up’s, etc.), the more my numbers increase.

3. Find a Blogging Community and a Tribe

I never knew ‘strong’ online communities existed until I started blogging. I searched the internet trying to find other blog/bloggers and as much information as I could, especially anything or anyone similar to me. I did not find as much as I thought I would so, it sparked a happy light inside of me when I found some fantastic women and men in Facebook groups who were (are) willing to hold my hand and guide me through this Blogamaze.

I became active in these groups by commenting, posting and supporting others and BOOM, I started getting recognized and making some solid connections with people from all over the U.S. and the world. I even was blessed with a Blogging BFF who has been nothing short of a blessing! I can say that bloggers are some very special, sincere, honest and dedicated people.

Then, most importantly, people support those they understand. So, build up a solid tribe of other bloggers who will become your biggest fans as they get it, understand the role and are looking for great content too. Not only do they write, but they are big readers too!


4. Keep Learning All You Can

I was fortunate to find a fantastic Meet Up Group in my local area that is very active and supportive of bloggers and sharing their wisdom and knowledge with the group. We have regular meetings scheduled each month at one of the best high-tech centers in the city. Not only did I find and attend the blogger networking group, but, I also have privy to attend a dynamic WordPress group with some down right experts. AND, it’s all FREE!

5. Keep The Faith and Use The Tools

Just like anything in life worth having, you will have to give up some things to get the right things. I must be honest and let you know that I do not get an opportunity to tune in to watch all of the latest shows. But, my thinking is that those individuals are living their dreams so, I need to work towards living mine. Trust in the path that you are own, know that your life is mapped out by God and work the faith that is deep within you.

Do not limit yourself to the computer only. Get out and attend some conferences, classes and additional training to grow you blog into what you see it becoming (i.e., a business). Log on to a few webinars, get eBooks, sign up for educational newsletters. Study to understand what can make you the best at what you do (and offer).



Please, do not limit yourself! If you want to write about something that is near and dear to your heart then, by all means, do just that. If you want to write about food and your blog is an inspirational blog, do not stop yourself, just do it! Your blog belongs to you and you can darn well do with it as you please! Live your life like it’s golden because it is.

Always shoot for the moon because the fact is, if you miss, you will land on the stars. Not bad, right!

What is some of your best advice for a new blogger? Let them know in the comments below

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO
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  • Bijee says:

    Happy blogiversary suga! You will continue into greatness, in sure of it!

  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    YAY!!! YOU’RE ONE!!! 🙂 Happy blirthday lovely!! I agree with particularly 1 and 2 – I had no clue how much work it is until I started doing it. I’ve seen so many start and not keep it up; I’m definitely proud of myself and my little space and all the work I’ve put it. Especially since I’m one to start but not be consistent with things. Hope to see you here for many more years to come (and myself!) Have a great one Yulunda!! -Iva

    • YGladney says:

      Yay \😆/ And that’s very much for ALL of the wonderful support over this past year. The experience has helped me to really grown in many ways. I too am proud and grateful I took the leap! I wish you success today and forever more Ms. Iva! God Bless You Beautiful Soul XOXO 💜

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