5 Things to Do Before Buying a Car

5 Things to Do Before Buying a Car

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I could no longer bare to take the risk of driving around this large metropolitan area with a car that was 11 years old and had been serviced more times than I’d like to admit, to even include a new engine. Yes, I said a new engine that I was actually able to get at a wholesale price however, money is money and a car is a car.

So, I knew that the day would finally come where I would have to aggressively look for a new vehicle and I became very intentional with ensuring I could not only afford a new vehicle, but also find a vehicle that would provide me and my family with what we need.

Purchasing a new car can be deemed stressful for so many however, it doesn’t have to be with the proper preparation, research, and focus. Here are five things that I’d like to share about how I successfully found a car that worked perfectly for me. And, by the way, I just purchased this car two weeks ago.


Get Educated – It is important that one of the first steps to purchasing a new car is to educate yourself on what is happening in the marketplace as it relates to which cars are ranked and rated high by reading reviews, understanding how these cars and ranked when compared to similar cars in the category. A great and very popular site for this is cars.com as there is a wealth of information on every vehicle, no matter the make or model. Literally, with the wealth of information available on this site from MPG, gas mileage, styling, features, drivability, and information on a competitive vehicle.

Save – Save funds JUST for a nice down payment on a vehicle so that you can have more negotiating power as cash really is king. If you decide to honker down for 45-60 days and shift any discretionary funds into a savings account instead of buying things, you’d be amazed at how much liquid cash can be saved. For example, every time I would think about purchasing something online or in-store, I’d immediately stop myself and transfer the funds to an established account since I was prepared to spend it anyway. The short-term sacrifice made the long-term purchase more rewarding.

Financing – Please know that finance companies are drooling at the mouth for your business so, ensure that you shop around for the best rates possible and, if you happen to get financed by the dealership directly, pay the first three payments and then visit your local credit union and refinance immediately. At that juncture, you’ve shown a significant amount of payments. But, I’d like to encourage you to start at the credit union first (if possible).

Visit – Visit your local dealerships virtually, let me repeat this, VIRTUALLY so you will not have to immediately deal with the sales pitch that comes at the moment you pull up to a dealership. The goal is to go in with a plan and visiting the websites of local dealers to understand what incentives are available and what is competitive. It will mentally prepare you to stand your ground and get exactly what you desire and the price range.

Consider – Be certain to check out a certified pre-owned vehicle because only those in the absolute best condition pass the test and, these vehicles are late models with low mileage and limited to no repair records. These vehicles often come with extended warranties with an option to extend the warranty further. And, they may also include a year or more of roadside assistance and basic maintenance.

So, after putting in the work to get your new vehicle, there is only one thing to do — Enjoy the ride!

Oh yeah, I got a 2017 Nissan Altima in Black and, I LOVE IT!

Are you shopping for or considering a new car? Let me know in the comments below.

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