5 Thoughts about Peace

5 Thoughts about Peace

I can remember a time where things were so rocky, uncertain and undeniably one of the hardest times of my life. And, I can also remember that in the midst of it all, I still had a sense of peace. It was then that I realized that no amount of money, no material things or anything else for that factor can bring ‘real’ peace. No, peace has to be decided upon early and obtain by any means necessary.

I have at times had absolutely no problem with removing things, people and situations from my life that even threatened to disturb my peace as I have worked to hard to get where I am at and I most certainly will not allow an outside agent to take it from me.

However, on the flip side, it is not always that easy so, in these situations, I choose to use my best advice and rise above  and take the higher road. I also let the individual who is solely responsible know so there will not be any surprises should the day come that I decided they too must be included in the “It was nice knowing you” file.

We already have enough stress, strain, rushing and restlessness to deal with daily so, we must be dedicated to have peace as it is paramount. It is like a treasure that is being sought by millions and only found by those who have a map clearly outlining the path.

I have not heard of any natural cure to get inner-peace, otherwise known as a peace of mind.  Even when people are have wealth and health, they may not have peace, which further proves that it has nothing to do with anything external. Peace is an inside job and in order to fully have it, we must do what it takes to achieve it, regardless to what is happening around us.

Here are some truthful words about peace:

1. Peace can be achieved once you decide that you must have it by any means necessary.

2. Surround yourself with people who do not complain, lie or always looking to manipulate people to make your environment one of peace.

3. Engaging in and reliving things from the past will disturb your peace. Do not hash up bad memories and start focusing on the what If’s.

4. Do not believe the opinion of others about you. Know your worth, value and rest in your truth. Another’s opinion of you doesn’t matter unless you truly believe it.

5. Accept where you are at in life with the full understanding that things can and will get better if you keep the faith, believe and trust that it will. This alone is comforting and should bring you some level of peace.

*Bonus* Meditating and positive thinking and talking will most certainly direct your mind and life in a very peaceful and exciting way. Try it, you may like it. And, if you really want to focus on bringing greater peace in your life, try this FREE resource that I’ve personally used Probably the Best Music for Relaxation and Meditation.

Like I wrote here,  to have peace you have to be strategic and dedicated to achieve it. So, are you going to have a peaceful life or no?

Move Forward In RIGHTeousness XOXO 
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