5 Thoughts about Judging!

5 Thoughts about Judging!

Judging— I cannot remember the last time I judged people in a manner beyond a quick glance or comment. We are humans, and, that is not an excuse but, we do judge at some level. The level of judgment that I am talking about is when a person or people become so engrossed in a thing that it is at the forefront of their minds. Think about profiling as that is the highest level of judgment of which I am no stranger.

We’ve seem a lot of judgment and judging lately with people in these United States and, I would have to say it is due to the political climate, but, honestly, things (a person’s true character) somehow will come to the surface.

The latest form of judgment (judging) has come against Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers because he did not want to stand to pay honor to a song (we won’t even talk about Ryan Lochte though). Listen, many have put more emphasis on a song over a breathing, living human being. STOP JUDGING NOW PEOPLE!

We have to allow people to be who they are and meet them where they are at. And, we must remember that nobody us us anything — Period! If people allow us into their world’s and mind’s we have to be respectful, check our feelings, and rise above.  I mean, I often have to be the bigger person and, so do you. SN: Pray for me as I teach my children this over time.

Here are five succinct ways to learn how to be judgment/judging free:

  1. Check your ego – Yup! Our egos are the center of most of our challenges and insecurities. If we check our egos, we will not attempt to place our tongues and judgment on others and even ourselves. Check your ego
  2. Accept the differences – Yup! We are different and, we must realize that people are not going to agree with us and, that is perfectly fine. If we look beyond the individual and see a living being, we can begin to accept people as they are, human.
  3. Ask if you are insecure – Yup! When you want to self judge others, you must first look inside yourself and ask, “Why am I feeling this way about another person?” That alone will help you to ponder more about yourself.
  4. Love people beyond yourself – Yup! Listen, if you adopt the heart of a servant and realize that God honors those who have this type of spirit, we will always win!
  5. Look for the positive – Yup! I do not care who you are dealing with, everyone has a little bit of good/positive in them and, I dare you to be the bigger person and look for it.
  6. Bonus – Know how it feels – Yup! All I can say here is, “Walk a mile in someone’s shoes!”

Today, I challenge you to do better and be better and…

Move Forward In RIGHTeousness XO 



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