7 Uncomfortable Things You Must Learn To Do!

7 Uncomfortable Things You Must Learn To Do!

If you ever meet me in person, or, if you already know me personally, there is one thing you will soon learn about me. That one thing is I am honest and forthright and have no problem looking you directly in they eyes to tell you exactly how I feel and what I am thinking. And, by the way, my thinking is not stinking! LOL =)

So, as I was thinking about a lot during my slight break from writing, one thing became clear. As adults, we have to stop believing in fairytales, mermaids, unicorns, and the like. Real life is happening around us everyday and, we must be prepared when it tries to punch us as it will punch us and, we must learn to ebb and flow with it.

I’d like to share 7 things that you, the mature adult must be willing to learn and then ultimately do…

  1. Take the Compliment – When someone pays you a nice compliment, instead of inserting your personal thoughts, kindly accept it, walk in it and believe it. Please understand that when someone goes out of their way to pay you a compliment, it is because they want to and, they’d like to be appreciated for doing so.
  2. Have the Hard Conversations – We must become comfortable with being uncomfortable having the tough conversations as they are liberating and will allow you and the other person to grow substantially!
  3. Be Tactful – It really does not matter what you say but it certainly matters how you say it. A soft touch turns away all wrath, discontentment, strife and anger. So, be sure to take a deep breathe, consider all of your words and be gentle as you’re releasing them from your mouth.
  4. Speak Up! – Never allow people to say or do things that are not favorable towards you by speaking up tactfully, stating your position and never being apologetic for looking out for yourself.
  5. Accept the Gift – When someone tries to give you something, please accept it the first time! God can only bless you through the hands of another and, you must recognize the blessings whenever they come.
  6. Let it Go – Harboring issues within yourself will only impact you and allow you to rot inside. So, you must be willing to dust the dirt (insults, negative comments, attacks…) off your shoulder, do not give them your power, let it go and learn the lesson. But, make sure you watch them closely, OK!
  7. Live YOUR Life! – With a limited amount of heartbeats and air in our lungs, we mustn’t be so concerned about how others feel about us or what they think of us. The only thing that truly matters is that we are living according to the principles powering inside of us. For me, that is fully listening to the astute voice of God and living according to the truth’s within the Universe which were solely created by him. Be you and do you — always!
  8.  BONUS – Cry whenever and whenever you need it! Tears remove toxins, improves eyesight, elevates one’s mood, lowers stress, release feelings, and brings comfort overall.

Live your life people and, be certain to do whatever it takes to make yourself happy and, always look for the opportunity to do the things that make you the most uncomfortable as that is what will ultimately make you GREATer.

Move Forward In RIGHTeousness XOXO ♥


  • Trina Tatum says:

    BEAUTIFUL !!! Well said!!!!!

  • Mari❤️ says:

    Great read I am always talking about these things to those close to me. It is so important as we mature to be clear and sit with ourselves so we can grow and walk in our truth. Learning to accept and let go is vital in creating our best lives. Stay blessed and always a pleasure to have you in my inbox 🙂 xo

    • Yulunda says:

      We simply must become comfortable with the “hard” stuff! It’s make us that much stronger! Bless your ♥️ beautiful

  • Thank you for sharing your convictions. I truly believe and try to practice what you posted . The Bible tells us to speak the truth in love . So just know I love you for speaking this truth in Love .

    Love always your brother,
    Isaac A. Green, Jr .

    • Yulunda says:

      Well hello Sir! I deem you to be one of the true Saints out here! God knows what he created when He created each of us and, since He knows our hearts, we must keep it real! Blessings Sir! ✊🏾

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