A Lesson On Values

A Lesson On Values

Value, Values

Values are guiding principles or standards of behavior that we must all abide by and that we should hold in high esteem in our lives and our society. Values are what ‘should’ help us to play out and live our lives daily.

Values must be the code we live by to maintain a civil and peaceful life and they must guide our interactions with our friends, family, colleagues and business associates. Yes, I can confidently say that our values are a reflection of our true spiritual living and character. They are what we model our lives on and the lives of our children and those among us.

Many things that we place value on, we shouldn’t as they only have temporary value and, we overlook the many things that have true value, such as people. People must be valued beyond and above anything else on the earth.

I would have to argue that one of the main places where people do not feel valued is the workplace. I am not saying that there are organizations who do not value people, but, what I am saying is there are many who have not committed to the human-side of business. These companies do not fully understand the law of reciprocity — you get what you give. Yes, these companies place more emphasis on satisfying its shareholders, growth plans, and becoming number one and ignore its most valuable asset, people.

I would further have to argue that many children are not being taught values as they place more emphasis on pleasure and instant gratification. And, since I’m honest, I can admit that I’ve been guilty of this myself as I too have provided some instant gratification to my children. But, I am determined to train them to fully understand that they have to sacrifice these things for the things that really matter in life: Love, health, comfort, happiness, peace, perseverance, determination, faith and a strong belief system. I am convinced that if we mold our children early, the values taught will follow them throughout their lives.

Values are everything in life, and especially for women who are the fruit of the earth. We must strive to lead our children, homes and others with virtue and grace. Please visit The Reflections of A Good Woman to learn about the Proverbs 31 Woman.

Since time is one thing that we cannot rewind or renew, we must be dedicated to living a life of value and establishing exactly what our values are. It must become a top priority as, “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.”

What are some of your values? List them below in the comments!

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Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO 

  • Kelly says:

    Yulunda, great thoughts!

    I am grateful to have grown up in a Christian home that instilled in me great and important values, but I think the biggest value that I would want my future children to emulate is faithfulness.

    Faithfulness to God, but also to one another, their promises, and eventually to their spouses.

    I think it is so important that the family unit is restored in America, and in this world. There are too many people that have belittled the idea of faithfulness and marriage, and take the easy way out …. they don’t want to work for what they have!

    Once again, great thoughts!


    • YGladney says:

      Yes! We are Blessed to have even brought up in Christian households where we knelt down in prayer and learned to trust and believe that God Is Real!

      Faithfulness is a true Value that most be taught and honored. The family unit must be restored and I believe it slowly is.

      Great words spoken Kelly – – You Rock

  • Bijee says:

    I wasn’t brought up in a Christian household. But when I had my daughter and after a few years of mothering I knew I wanted that for my children. I feel people should value the intangibles: Time, Love, Life (our own and the life of others), Respect (given and received) and just continuously focus on being better.

    • YGladney says:

      Yes! I agree and believe that more people are seeking and striving to be better. There really are some wonderful people in this world.

  • Bijee says:

    Girl I hit the button before I meant to, moving too fast…
    Thank you for the linkback and as always for linking up. This is a great reflection sis in a time when values seem to be obsolete.

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