A Lightweight Shark

A Lightweight Shark

I have a confession to make, however, I am certain you already knew, I took some time off to catch my breathe and focus on a few new goals I had written down in my “Book of Dreams.”

During this hiatus, I was also able to spend some time really getting my home clean prior to the holidays. Especially since my husband and I were hosting around six relatives in our home. So, naturally I was super excited to receive my complimentary Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum. Literally, I believe I fell instantly in love as I was opening the box to see a sleek, lightweight gem housed comfortably inside. I enjoy some house chores more than others and, vacuuming is one (cleaning MY bathrooms is another). However, the stairs are always a hassle because I literally had to lug the old vacuum I had up each stair as I moved along slowly. It was a real hassle.


This little 9lb. machine (please, do not include the cord) is packed with all types of power and it made my chore of vacuuming simple and enjoyable (remember, I like to vacuum). It is a true heavy-duty vacuum providing all of the power of a commercial vacuum. Seriously, it is so light that I was able to clean the stairs (with ease), the cars, the couches, and other hard to reach areas of my home (like the severely neglected corners and baseboards). In fact, this beautiful machine has replaced my broom as it goes from carpet to hard floors with ease and accuracy and, to make things even more simplified, it comes with an easily interchangeable Gentle Touch Hard Floor brushroll which really lets me get into the groove. Shark

Listen, I am a lady and yes, you may find me in my stilettos cleaning (sexy mode). The fact is, I often get into my cleaning zone and then I abruptly remember that I have not changed into my cleaning gear (un-sexy mode) — It gets like that sometimes. Nonetheless, I am able to maneuver the quiet machine and in a matter of moments be done. And, the clean-up is effortless too.


Naturally, you have to empty the chamber more than once, but, that is to be expected as the vacuum is much smaller. It’s also proof of how well it does the j-o-b. Furthermore, the bag-less canister is doing much more to save the environment and helps me to ensure that I am doing my part by being green — Yes!


After using the Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum for a month now, I can honestly say that I love this machine and all it has offered me by way of cleaning floors. I feel that for the low price of $199, more people will be able to purchase a quality vacuum for their home. Shark has made a credible name for itself in the realm of cleaning and It’s high quality products are sure to stand the test of time.

I plan to have a Shark give-a-way as a follow-up to this post. So stay tuned as 2016 unravels A World of Greatness. But, if you ready to experience a Shark first-hand and not wait, you can do so with small monthly payments by visiting here.

Happy Holidays and Move Forward In RIGHTeousness XOXO
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Thank you to Shark for sending me the Rocket Powerhead vacuum to review and sponsoring this post. Each of you have learned by now that I speak my truth and am 100% honest! All opinions belong to me.

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