Prayer : In Remembrance on the Anniversary of 9.11

Prayer : In Remembrance on the Anniversary of 9.11

Prayer is everything!

But first, let me say that I can remember exactly what I was doing and where I was at on September 11, 2001. You see, I was pregnant with my son and in the midst of a serious battle with depression. As I write this today, I am reminded that this day prior to 9.11 is also #WorldSuicidePreventionDay and, as I pray for this nation, I am especially praying for every person struggling with depression and any other form of mental challenges.

So, on this very special day of remembrance, I offer this prayer…

Father God most high, I come to you on behalf of an entire nation interceding in prayer. As we remember the callous acts that happened on 9.11. Today, many of us are reminded of the evil that can penetrate and shake this earth yet, we also know the power of love, support, and peace through you and sincere heart’s of love is what sustains us daily.

We mourn the lives of the nearly 3,000 lives that were lost on that solemn day as we celebrate the first responders who sacrificed so much to help those they could while sacrificing their well being.  Though we do not fully understand why such tragedies happen, what we do know is that you are still in control and reign supreme and that all things will ultimately work out for our good. Accept this prayer now Father God.

Today, we come in hope, not in ourselves, but, in you Father God because there is no other help that we know. We lean in on You and Your Word as we trust that you have each of us covered by Your mighty hand. Tune your ear to our prayer by the blood of the Lamb of God.

God, help and heal America like only you can and will by accepting this, our humble prayer. We trust and believe in your power and righteous plan for each of our precious lives. Without you, we are void and as a vessel without a sail or rudder — no guidance.

Allow your perfect will and ways to manifest in our lives today in a miraculous way. We are trusting in you, believing in you, depending on you, and counting on you as we prepare for greater. Greater is coming to each of us and, we are patiently waiting on it to manifest in the natural.

This is our prayer.





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