America, I am NUMB! Are you NUMB?

America, I am NUMB! Are you NUMB?
This post was written by my friend, D. Rashaan Gilmore. That is him in the photo above ♥

Sometimes I don’t have the words.

For as intelligent and articulate as people think I am, sometimes I just don’t have the words.

I am numb. Yet, my emotions dangle furtively on a pendulum swinging violently between grief at one end, outrage on the other, and hopelessness in the middle.

What am I supposed to SAY? What I am supposed to THINK? What am I supposed to FEEL?

I CAN’T feel. Too many arrows have pierced my heart. My senses deadened by the frequent images of unarmed Black bodies dropping like flies filled with hot lead.

Drop. Drop. Drop. It is a nonstop drip. The blood evacuating Black bodies, lifeless crimson rivers flow in the streets.

A Reminder
A Reminder

“Be OK with it,” they tell me. “Be at peace with it,” they say. “BE PEACEFUL!” they plead. Just wait another day…for justice is on her way with Godspeed. I am numb.

The slaves waited for that day. That day when emancipation would come. But it never really came. It has never really arrived. It only occurs in brief periods of fits and starts. Never fulfilling itself. I am numb.

But not all they that were enslaved waited. Many rose up to fight their oppressors. Not once. Not twice. Historically, as many as 313 times did they revolt, rebel, REFUSE their condition. I am numb.

What will you do? What will I do? The conditions are no better. Our lives of no greater value then as now. What. Will. You. Do? It is as much and at once a question as it is a command…and a call…a mandate to measure the extent and depth of each one’s own personal constitution. To discover what is truly written as the manifesto of our hearts.

I am numb.

Each one, reach one. Shake your brother, your sister AWAKE. Help them to see that the hour has come. The time for wearing chains as adornment has ended. It is not midnight, but daybreak. A breaking of those chains, ushering in our freedom…pushing back the forces of oppression and hate. It’s daybreak. I am numb.

Do what you can while it is day. Shine your lights ever-brighter. Expose the sluggard activist and the false ally. For nightfall soon comes. I am numb.

But this time — THIS TIME — darkness cannot befall us. Our just anger and our righteous quest (for justice and equality) will never grow dim. Those brilliant stars — the Sandra’s, the Freddie’s, the Alton’s, the Philando’s, the Tamir’s, — all light the path and lead the way. And they cry out, “MARCH! FIGHT! PRAY!” I am numb.

And they cry out, “MARCH! FIGHT! PRAY!”

What are you doing to bring about change in America so you will not be numb? Big or Small, share it all in the comments below!

Written by: D. Rashaan Gilmore, President & CEO, Purple Cow Omnimedia, LLC. (Kansas City, MO.)

Move Forward In RIGHTeousness XOXO

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