Be Careful of Your Voice – Voices Carry

Be Careful of Your Voice – Voices Carry

I have a very big mouth in more than one way (at least I’m honest) and, I also have a very powerful voice that I try to use daily in the most positive way that I can. Yes, I am very outspoken but, I am also very tactful in how I deliver my words. Actually, I strive to use my voice to bring joy, happiness, and encouragement all of the time. Yes, there are times that I fall short but, that is when I work even harder to do better (be better).

The way we each use our mouthpiece speaks volumes about our character and personality. The Word of God states, “From the mouth flows the issues of the heart.”

Voices carry and are loud so, we must be careful how we use our mouthpiece because, we do not want them to ‘carry’ someone down the wrong path or in the wrong direction. Besides, we should each strive to…

  • Use your voice to speak life and not death over not only yourself but, every person you have the opportunity to speak over.
  • Since we have freedom and are free, we should voice words of freedom in our lives everyday (be strategic).
  • Use your voice to support all of the children in the community who do not have powerful voices for themselves as it relates to education.
  • Use your voice to fight for equal rights, women’s rights, job fairness+.
  • Use your voice to spread love and never hate.
  • Use your voice to celebrate the achievements and success of another.
  • Use your voice to speak positive affirmations that will make the Universe God created to shift in your favor.
  • Use your voice to laugh and laugh loud.
  • Use your voice to sing praise to God.

When we begin to use our tongues in the most positive manner, our lives will naturally flow in that direction and things that we’ve spoken will manifest mightily for us so that we can ultimately make a huge impact in the earth.

Let’s speak life always in order to shift this earth and make it a better place for all, especially since God does not have dividing lines to separate us anyway.

Move forward in RIGHTeousness XOXO



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