Dealing With Negative People

Dealing With Negative People

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Let’s face it, they are everywhere and we simply cannot avoid them. They are the people who no matter what, ‘choose’ everyday to be negative, yes, being negative is a choice. I say it is a choice because we all have various situations that we are dealing with, from ill relatives, to job loss, to financial hardship and more; however, many of us have decided that it is not worth it to inject negativity into these situations as it simply will make things that much worse.

I am grateful that I get to make a conscious decision all throughout my day to respond to negative situations and people in the manner in which I choose, which is typically with an energetic and positive light. Now, please do not misunderstand me, I have my days, {Insert excuse of being human here} but I work hard to ensure that my positive days always outweigh my negative days.

I really do not blame ‘many’ people for being negative, the majority (I guess I should use this lightly) of people are genuinely kind underneath the surface, but life circumstances may have them feeling sour about people, and their outlook on life. But, I believe those are the people who need to experience some type of positivity in us the most.People

1. Do not take it personal – Realize that how other people act and speak has absolutely nothing to do with you! Do not allow yourself to own their attitude, as owning and keeping your’s up to par is work in itself. Remain confident in the great and positive person you are and stand firm in that, it is not personal, they just have some issues. Finally, avoid the desire to judge them and remember that person could be you or maybe you have been that person, I know I sure was.

2. Reverse the situation – Always look for an opportunity to ask them a question to reverse the situation immediately, examples of this would be, “Did I do something to you today or at anytime to make you treat me in this manner?” or “Wow, I never thought that you would speak to me this way, I am really shocked.” or maybe “Did someone do something to make you angry? If so, I would like to apologize for them.”  In other words, you must choose to be the BIGGER person because YOU ARE, right?

3. Do not engage them – Let’s admit it, negative people desire to be engaged as it has become a habit and in many ways, people expect them to act the way they act so, they do. Yes, you will have to stand your ground, but, do not allow them to tell you how far to go with the engagement. And, If you do not have to engage them, why would you? It really is okay if you politely excuse yourself as that will give them an opportunity to see how it should be done and, trust me, being polite to a negative person will make them ponder a bit longer on their actions.

4. Let them go – If you have negative people in or around you, begin to pull away from them and eventually, let them go and, if you cannot do it physically, you must do it mentally. And when doing it mentally, be certain to limit the amount of time you spend with these people. Always have in mind how being with or around these type of people can and will impact your life. You should shower them with kindness as often as you can without sacrificing your peace of mind, but, you have to release them for the better. Also, you must consider what you will get out of spending your valuable and precious time with Negative Nancy’s and Debbie Downers (nothing!). No matter how many ways you try, people have to seek out personal change themselves because they truly desire it. Again, until they get the revelation of becoming more positive, let them go and be willing to accept them back, they will deserve it.

There are no perfect people, but, we must put our energy and efforts towards those who are most aware of the areas in which they need to grow, the individuals who will pour into us so we can continue to become better people each day.

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO
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  • Mari says:

    Great share Y! I try to avoid and stay away from energy drainers but when I can’t avoid them I try to keep things light and keep it moving. Have an awesome day 🙂

    • YGladney says:

      Exactly. If we cannot avoid them, we must learn to maneuver around them. Life really is too short to allow someone to suck the life out of you… Have a Wonderful day love!

  • Tonita Mack says:

    Enjoyed the read. Keep up the good work.

  • Lux says:

    Yes, yes, yes. The thing with negative people is that we need to remember that they’re empty and are crying out for help really. They need more love and kindness. It’s hard I know but we have to learn to let them go.

    • YGladney says:

      Exactly. I try to do as much as I can for those individuals up to the point of my sanity. I sow a seed and allow the next person or people water it. I use to be negative year’s ago until God gave me the revelation that He expects better of me. It was then that I sought him for healing!

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