Dear Trayvon

Dear Trayvon

As a blogger and writer, and mother of a 14-year old black male, I would be remiss to not pause on today to pay homage to our Trayvon, a name that EVERYONE in America knows. It has been three year’s since this KID was gunned down by a vigilante who hid under the disguise of neighborhood watchman. Actually, in my humble opinion, he was far worse than any neighbor I would ever want to be associated with to look after me and my family. He is ‘pure’ evil and has proven this since he was found innocent of his hateful crime.


The only sustaining hope that I have is that God is real, sits high and sees low. Everything we have done will return to us, not only in the same manner which we have done it, but, with even more impact than we can humanly conceive. I truly believe that deep down in the core of his being, George Z (not even worth saying his entire name) is haunted by the thoughts of judging, preying on, and assassinating a 16-year old child — Can YOU imagine snatching a young person’s life from them?

Trayvon Martin
Paying Homage to Trayvon

Now, Imagine leaving home with joy as you are going to buy (not steal) your two favorite things, Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea and immediately having to trade in that joy for sheer fear of being hunted like a wild animal ALL because you have more melanin and pigmentation in your skin.

My belief is that at that time, God sent His comforter to calm his fears, settle his spirit and show him that, “Low I am with you Always.” I am certain that our Dear Trayvon is basking in the arms of Jesus as they intercede for equality not only in America, but the entire Earth.

All I can say at this point is, “Dear Trayvon, we love you. Dear Trayvon, we remember. Dear Trayvon, you did not die in vain. Dear Trayvon, we are fighting. Dear Trayvon, you matter. Dear Trayvon, thanks for giving us a voice. Dear Trayvon, we love you. DEAR TRAVYON, RIParadise.”

Art By Brian Kirhagis

Move Forward in RIGHTeousness XOXO♥

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