Depression in the Hood

Depression in the Hood

People always ask me, “Why are you so happy and pleasant?” and, though I cannot always clearly answer them in a manner that they would understand, I know within myself that I have been to the pit of Hell and was snatched back before I could even burn my finger. Thank God for His marvelous grace.

Whether you believe me or not, the spirit of depression is one of the heaviest circulating in the earth and, it is extremely powerful when you have to deal with it in the hood. If you have never experienced it first hand, I implore you to remain silent and not judge but give thanks! The mental torment alone cannot even be explained.

See, in the African American community, we have been trained and taught (literally) to be stronger than normal, give 100%, always strive for better because you are already in the negative. Also, we are taught that God will fix it, if we just pray or consecrate ourselves or maybe praise a little harder surely we will be alright.

Listen, the truth is, Black people do not kill themselves and we take pride that we do not do insensitive things such as suicide because that is sheer weakness. Actually, that is a BFL, a Big Fat Lie! The hood suffers more than any other community regarding more issues plus suicide.

Want to know what my saving grace was? From childhood, I never gave a damn what people thought of me, felt about me or said about me. So, when I went through my bout of clinical depression, I let all of my friends and family know and they surrounded me like a shield and ensured I was going to make it. Not sure where I learned this from or why God gave me this character, but, I am beyond grateful. This is the reason why I smile, I have always been delivered. And, I know that the hardest battles are given to the strongest soldiers. I was battle born.

My greatest life experience has been walking along with and holding the hands of other African Americans who have/are struggling with depression. I refuse to give up on any of them as I know the battle they are dealing with not only inside, but around the corner and up the street.

If you are dealing with depression in the hood, I challenge you today to be #unashamed and reach out to those individuals you know will have your back and, they may not be in your immediate family (it may be a stranger). Reconcile within yourself that you will be okay with that as your steps are ordered.

I have not had to deal with depression and the spirit of suicide for over 13 years now and that is because I learned how to release things, be slow to anger, not seek perfection as there is no such thing (it’s subjective) and to lean fully and wholly on God. Honestly, I have decided I will not allow any external (or internal) struggles control me. I have the power to overcome and so do you.

This post was inspired by tonight’s Being Mary Jane episode and I am glad about it. And, if you or someone you know is suffering from depression or anxiety or any other mental illness, I implore you to get help from The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or by calling 1.800.273.TALK.

YOU are not WEAK! YOU are STRONGER than the average person — Believe That!

Move Forward in RIGHTeousness XOXO
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