Everyday Madness That is Really Goodness

Everyday Madness That is Really Goodness

Madness can be good and goodness can sometimes be considered madness. Please, allow me just a few minutes to explain how what I am saying really makes, “Good, right sense as my grandmother would say.”

So, if we decided to do opposite of the norm, the world may deem it as madness but, God may view it as ‘good’ and, He is the one who ultimately guides our lives and establishes us in this earth.

Many people may deem anything that is against the grain as being madness but, in the long run, it will impact decisions for the good. Examples of this would be: Protesting injustices; speaking up against a boss who wrongs you; telling a friend something they do not want to hear; standing out from the crowd; speaking your mind when it is unpopular; or wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a very conservative church.

I’ve also indulged in madness (that was good) when I decided to try avocado and chocolate together, Sriracha and peanut butter with a fried egg on top,  strawberry, basil lemonade, mangoes with chili lime sauce, well, you get what I am saying. And, you can probably ask any woman whose been pregnant about some good madness as well.

So, before we start judging people on what we deem as ‘madness’ based on our expectations, life, and upbringing, we may need to pause and say, “It is all good!” and think about the madness that surrounded these great products: Fitbit, iPhone, Echo, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire Tablet, Hip Hop/Rap and so many more!

Besides, we’ve all heard the saying, “There’s a method to the madness!” which is saying that, “You have a good reason for what you are doing, although you seem to be behaving strangely!” So, I encourage you to stay strange my friend, stay strange. 🙂

Move forward in RIGHTeousness XOXO ♥


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