Get Out – The Hidden Messages

Get Out – The Hidden Messages

My family and I pressed our way to the theatre Sunday to check out all of the hype and buzz surrounding this movie, “Get Out!” And, I am glad we did because it was Ahhmazing.

If you haven’t seen the movie, STOP HERE and return once you have.

“Get Out!” is the first feature film directed by Jordan Peele best known for starring in the Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele and also as a cast member in MADtv.

Peele was also a recipient of the coveted NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Comedy Series for Key & Peele, as well as a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series.

The movies stars Daniel Kaliyah (Chris) and Allison Williams (Rose) who play an interracial couple who takes a voyage to visit the parents which rose hailed from! Side note: Her father is a neurologist and mother a psychiatrist.

This movie was very well written to the point that you have to be versed in all things happening around you (and within) to grasp the subliminal and well constructed messages that unfolded.

So, here’s what I grasped though I feel like I’ll need to watch it a few times to really capture everything:

  1. Rose told Chris that he was the first black man she’d ever dated – We all learned that black folk (men and women) was all she sought.
  2. Rose insisted that Chris not provide his ID to the police officer when pulled over – Didn’t want any proof of him being in that area.
  3. The dad made a statement upon arrival that hitting and killing the deer on the road was fine because they were beginning to take over like rats – The way many people feel about minorities in America.
  4. The dad showing Chris his father’s wall of fame as an Olympic runner – Later we see the groundskeeper running like lightening at night in the back yard like Jesse Owens who beat his dad in the Olympics.
  5. When passing the basement, the dad said it was closed off because of “black mold”- Why would someone allow mold, black mold at that to remain in their beautifully posh home.
  6. Chris silently observing the black maid and groundskeeper and Rose’s dad stating they came to take care of his mom and dad and never left – In fact, they were his mom and dad.
  7. Rose acting surprised that she did not know it was the weekend get together where people size up the new prospect – She was in charge of bringing in all prospects (male or female).
  8. The mother asking all the right questions at the table about Chris’ mother – To get an understanding of his head-space and to determine what she could use against him.
  9. The guests all showing up in black funeral cars – In their minds, someone was about to die.
  10. The almost rude questioning of Chris’ athleticism, stamina, eye for photography, etc. – Liken to an interview to find out the best position for the candidate.
  11. The lone Asian man at the party – Indicative of Asian’s being the acceptable minority in America.
  12. Logan (formerly Andre) snapping at the flash – He’d only been missing for six months and was still being entranced into the sunken place – He was trying to warn Chris to, “Get out!”
  13. The use of BINGO – Shows the modern version of an auction.
  14. The blind art gallery owner indicating he had a good assistant that could describe someone’s photography in detail – That assistant was rose who’d vetted Chris to be a match for him and others.
  15. The games in the basement were games popularized by non-blacks – Badminton, backgammon, darts, ping pong, lacrosse and foosball.
  16. Rod is on the phone with Rose looking for Chris and, there is an ad for the UNCF playing in the background, “A Mind is a Terrible thing to waste” – The entire premise of the body/brain snatchers.
  17. The fact that Chris used cotton-like material to basically free himself – The same commodity that his ancestors had to pick is what saved his life.
  18. Chris though being haunted showed compassion – Stopped to pick up grandma after hitting her, which is how his mother died – A reflection of the forgiveness inside of people who have been mistreated.
  19. Rose sitting on her bed with milk ( and a black straw), dry cereal, legs folded – Indicates she’s been hypnotized since she was a young girl to serve a significant purpose to the family and community.
  20. The framed pictures behind Rose on her wall – In the same manner that one would place their educational accolades, certifications and achievements.
  21. The groan from the audience and me when the police showed up on the scene – Normally, that would symbolize safety but, not for everyone in this this country, even when watching a move.

This film was grounded in the true plight of living while Black in America which is something that should be discussed, accepted, and ultimately improved for the betterment of mankind — God’s creations.

The way the movie started and ended was similar to Trayvon Martin being stalked and an ode to Black Lives Matter with Chris holding his hands up to say, “Don’t shoot!”

I could go on-and-on as I ponder this film further and probably should see it again for further clarity. But, would love your insights and thoughts! Please, share in the comments!

Move Forward In RIGHTeousness XO❤️


  • Derrick G. says:

    Very well spoken my Love! This movie was Ahmazing!

  • loved this. At the end when the “police” showed up and his hands were around her neck, I just knew that they would think he was the killer instead of her.. Really good article. My husband and I caught a few of these, but didn’t understand the milk cereal.

    • Yulunda says:

      Yes! My son said we need to purchase it as soon as it’s available! That Rose was still a child a brainwashed via her mother! Deep! Thanks for stopping by Beautiful!

  • Tonia Lott says:

    Great Insight!!!

  • Dawn P says:

    You hit all of key points spot on!!! I loved the movie, and reading your take on it. I agree, it’s definitely a must see a couple more times. It has the classic horror effect, combined with social messages. Like the 1995 Tales from the Hood. Love It!

    • Yulunda says:

      Thanks Sis! I am certain there are so many more as every move, word, and gesture had a purpose in this story! It is by far one of the most well crafted stories I’ve ever seen unfold! I appreciate you stopping by Dawn! 💋

  • DeAnna G. says:

    Didnt notice a few of these. Will definitely have to watch it again and buy! 😉🙃

    • Yulunda says:

      Yes! I had to think deeply in a lot of these and, I know I missed SEVERAL 😳!
      Thanks for visiting Ms. DeAnna

  • TheCman says:

    I enjoyed the movie but growing up on Hitchcock and Serling it reminded me of episodes from The twilight zone or Night gallery, mid way though it was a bit predictable. I did pick up on most of the points that you made (not all) but I did thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

  • TheCman says:

    …oh I forgot, I also pick up on the choke hold!

  • Valerie Burton says:

    Yes, this was an amazing film on so many levels and eye opening to say the least!

    Though many think they know, they really do not understand how deep the roots of judgment and inequality are in this country.

    Awesome read Sis! ✊🏾

  • Excellent insight about the movie! I’m constantly amazed how many of my Christian brothers and sisters refuse to see racism as evil as they see the other BIG sins.

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