Hate that is Masked is Hidden Hate

Hate that is Masked is Hidden Hate

Okay, please allow me to get very deep right now, I mean so deep that you may need to throw me a safety net to get me out of these thoughts on hate and hatred.

See, I am a firm believer that we must be fully honest, not just with ourselves and others, but with God as he truly knows our heart! So, today, I am going to outline how we can expose our own selves to hidden hate.

Hate in my opinion is one of the most powerful words floating around the universe, it absolutely has no positive vibes that are associated with it. Yet, as powerful as it is, we can make a conscious decision to alleviate it from our lives one day at a time.

Here are five things to do in order to rid your life of hatred:

  1. Stop pretending hate does not exist – The first things we each must do is to tell the truth that hate does exist in this earth and that it is very real and is impacting people’s live every single day. In order to overcome anything, one must first acknowledge it.
  2. Know that hate destroys your soul – The person who is tormented and hurt the worst by hate is you! Yes, the lives of other’s can be significantly impacted by how you hate drives you to impact their lives. But, in the end (whatever that looks like), you are destroying yourself and your soul by fostering a spirit of hate. It is like an infection and will destroy you from the inside out.
  3. Speak out against your feelings of hate – We all have them and would be lying if we say, “I don’t hate anything!” because we absolutely do. And, though it may seem like a small thing you’re hating today, it will certainly continue to fester and grow into a sore in the earth. It is just time to tell the dang truth…PERIOD.
  4. Understand that your feelings are valid – Something in you has taught you to hate, whether it is your parent’s instilling this in you as a youth, an experience that made you bitter, or something you saw or heard. Regardless, they are valid and, you should deal with them as such.
  5. Expect to be better – If you truly desire to be better, you must expect better first. See yourself overcoming the thing that you hate the most and begin to see yourself free.

My girl, India Arie says this about hate…

The worst disease in the world
It’s not cancer, it’s not aids
The cure will not be found
By any physicist or scientist
Cause any cure living every single one of us
The worst disease in the world is hate
And the cure for hate is love
Oh love, oh love, oh love

Move forward in RIGHTeousness XOXO♥


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