Have Some FEAR People!

Have Some FEAR People!

Words of Wisdom Wednesday!


You know, one of the worst emotions that I have ever felt (outside of depression) is fear. I absolutely feared fear, “Does that make sense?” Of course it does, and, I am almost certain that you can relate at some capacity. However, I have learned that I get to control my brain’s immediate response to any situation and I do my best to stop the stimulus that will release those chemicals that make my heart start beating uncontrollably and start racing radically.

Even the most courageous people have fears to overcome, no, really, I am talking about the superhero type of people. But like them, I have learned to do things even when I am trembling. I have made some decisions that had me sweating, but, you know what they say, “Never let’em see you sweat!” So, I put on a little extra Dry Idea (80’s product) and  just do it/did it! (disclosure: I probably will be praying a whole lot as I am doing it like Nik Wallenda [acrobat, aerialist, daredevil, and high wire artist] did when he crossed the Grand Canyon a year ago this month). But like I said, I shall close my eyes and jump!

However, there is a reason that we have an immediate response to certain situations that becomes fear. And, after it is all over, we are able to confirm that somehow the fear had ‘some’ relevancy. But, WE MADE IT! Fear is just another form of worry, and, Researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that eight-five percent (yes – 85%) of what we worry about never happens Moreover, the study found that 79% of us handle the 15% that does happen in ways that surprise us with our ability to actually make good of the situation.

So, let’s train ourselves (mind) to see the good in absolutely everything, while “talking” ourselves out of fear, knowing that we shall have a Fabulous and Exciting life because we know that all of the Answers will be Revealed:

FABULOUS – Be amazingly wonderful and extraordinary in the risks you take and the outcome you are expecting. Think fabulous thoughts and fabulous things will begin to happen. In fact, know that at any moment, and at any time, something unexpected can happen and will happen.

EXCITING – Live a life full of excitement by doing things you’ve longed to do for a while now, no matter what it may be. Get excited about all of the little things that others may take for granted and know that you can do something different and new everyday.

ANSWERS – You receive confirmation of new opportunities ahead each and every morning that you arise to a new day. You get to create your own questions (path) and provide the final answers (results). Choose your story, no, I’m sorry, write your story as you already know what statement has to be made.

REVEALED – Keep working diligently at being positive and on your goals, creating your fabulous excitement and answers and trust that though it may have been hidden initially, all of your hopes and desires will be disclosed in a dramatic and surprising way.

I would like to say that , we do not have to fear fear itself and remember,“To truly escape the fear (you feel), you may have to go through it and not around it!”

Live a life of expectancy and go ahead, Have Some FEAR! I’ve given you permission!

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO 

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  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    So true – most of what we worry about never does happen. Which is awesome because I worry about A LOT! Ha 😉 It’s funny because I usually deal with things better than I anticipate as well but still – when the brain starts freakin’ it’s very difficult to calm it down. Thanks Amygdala! 🙂 Have a great one Yulunda! -Iva

    • Yulunda says:

      Yes, worry and fear can cripple us! I have found that positive affirmations and self talk will help my brain to line-up.

      We really should trust that things always work out for our ultimate “good!”

      Happy Pre-Friday Beautiful

  • Tess says:

    I find that things don’t happen the way I invision them. It’s usually the opposite and better. lol Coming from SITS!

    • Yulunda says:

      Yes, I use to and still at times overthink things! I work hard to not let my fear or worry take total control!

      Thanks for stopping by Tess, it means a lot! 🙂

  • Cookie says:

    I agree…this reminds me of what Job said “what I feared most has come upon me” We can’t live in fear!

    • Yulunda says:

      Yes, no matter how hard it may get, we must do our best to not let the fear over take us! And, we must surround ourselves around those who will uplift us! Thanks for stopping by!

  • FarraH says:

    What a great way to flip fear on its head! Thank you for sharing!

    • YGladney says:

      Hello Farrar! Yes, we must be intentional in life. Fear is healthy but not too much. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to checking out your blog. 🙂

  • karen says:

    Love this post and so true, we worry and bite our nails…and in the end it never works out as bad as we think it will. Plus, a healthy dose of fear gives us motivation, courage, and determination to do what we need to do. Happy SITS day

    • YGladney says:

      Thanks Karen. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to checking out your blog. 🙂 And, yes, fear serves a great purpose in life.

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