Have You Passed Your Test Today?

Have You Passed Your Test Today?

I am a firm believer that we are always being tested and, if we recognize and pass the test, I believe that we grow into an even better person. In fact, our character and moral fiber is being revealed and developed every time we are presented with a test, whether we pass or fail (Yes, I just dropped an F-Bomb).

Here’s a little story on being tested…

Today my daughter, girlfriend and I had the pleasure of eating at a restaurant that I can confidently say has the best pancakes in America (yes, I can confirm this as I am a food connoisseur and my bestie had already clued me in). Because we are always watching and observing, we immediately noticed a gentleman at the bar (who later made it clear that he was from Monroe, LA) who was what we believed to be asleep. Now, once he woke up, we began to wonder if he may have had a little too much ‘sip-sip’ (if you will). But, we also wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and suggested that maybe he was having a diabetic episode. Nonetheless, he was operating within the realm of being different (to put it lightly).

What was profound about the entire situation is that several people sitting near us also noticed his character and was watching him closely, not out of fear, but concern. In fact, when he tried to stand up with his glass of Coke, a lady across from us immediately ran to his aide and ensured his soda was transferred into a plastic cup for safety. Then, began to talk to him about being safe, taking care of himself in a motherly type of way.

Following the departure of the lady and her companion, we noticed that when his food was delivered he had a struggle with paying his bill (at this juncture, the establishment operated on a pay-before-you-eat policy). My daughter whispered, “Mom, he does not have enough money, he is $5 short.” And, I was very encouraged when I looked at another table and heard a wife telling her husband, “Honey, I don’t think he has enough money to pay for his meal.” Of course, this sista jumped into action and we three ladies offered to pay the difference, and, so was the couple who had been watching closely. In fact, so was the gentleman who had just sat down to his immediate left.

Yes, it appeared that everyone in earshot was going to do what was needed to ensure that this man would be able to enjoy his wholesome meal (steak, mashed potatoes and gravy).  This man walked out of the restaurant with money in his pocket which ultimately made his meal free and, he was walking more sober than before. He politely thanked us for looking out for him and left with what I believe was joy in his heart♥.

The moral of the story is that we always have an opportunity to pass a test IF we are watching and are willing to give of ourselves unselfishly. The story above may be considered one of the easier tests to pass as it is meeting the need of someone who may (or may not) be less fortunate than we are.  Some of the easier tests that we can pass is being kind to others throughout our day or going above and beyond to give someone a word of encouragement and hope.

If we are honest, many of us have been tested on a greater level as we’ve dealt with hardships, sickness, conflict, illness, job loss, life disappointments and death of loved ones. Thank God that these tests are not as frequent and our good days outshine our bad days.

When we understand that life in and of itself is filled with testing, we will get the revelation that our existence does matter and that every day we have an opportunity to pass on to the next level of our journey.

Yes, “Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to make us or break us. The choice is ours whether we become Victim or Victor” And, I choose Victor. 

Did you pass a test recently? Please share…

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO 
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  • Bijee says:

    Great post Yulunda! Actually makes me think of a test I feel I am failing and reevaluating how to make the outcome different. This post was another (of the many) reminders that I am stunting my own growth.

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