If the shoe fits, wear it and strut on!

If the shoe fits, wear it and strut on!

Let me be honest and say that I am that one person (sarcasm) that would sit in church and no for a fact that what the minister was saying was all about me and that somehow, he received a secret note to say exactly what he is saying.

But, as I’ve grown and matured, I have realized that it’s all divine and that when a Word is needed from on high to make the connection with someone, it will literally drop down into your life like a morning raindrop. You may not get soaked, but, it will make you stop, pause and realize that you should grab an umbrella because a storm is coming. Now is a great time to shout, “Amen!”

Also, I’ve further learned that if the shoe fits, I better where it, pay for it (so I can own it) and go however miles I need to go before I need a new pair to continue my journey. Yes, it does not matter what color, style or type of shoe it is, if it fits and is uncomfortable, I may need to take a few steps in it to learn the lesson of what not to do and, if it is the wrong color, I guess the lesson is that there is the right one in another location that will match perfectly with my life outfit.


Yes, I am determined to not only where the shoe, but, I will strut in the shoe and know that it is working for my good and that my life is mapped out, planned out, destined and all I need to do is WALK IT OUT!

So, today, I encourage you to stop looking for the most comfortable shoe, be willing to stretch with the shoe if it fits and you realize later that you may have made the wrong choice as it is all GOOD.

And, as a reminder, “If the shoe fits, wear it and strut On!”

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO
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