In Search of Freedom!

In Search of Freedom!

As we live our lives, we must know that freedom (of many kinds) is attainable and achievable. Yet, we must be very strategic as we go after it with everything we’ve got paired with the divine strength of God.

When I think of freedom, I immediately think of how it must have been for my ancestors who fought tirelessly for a freedom that does not include anything that I could fathom. The freedom that they desired was to have the ability to provide for their families, not be beaten, not be excluded in basic necessities, or to even sleep in and not be ‘made’ to work when mentally and physically unable.

Then, let’s think about the freedom that was desired from Rwanda and the millions of people who simply wanted to live their lives free of ridicule, torment, death by genocide which actually began the year I was basking in graduating from college, 1992. Imagine that people were simply desiring to survive as I was weighing my job options. The story is spelled out to a varying degree in the award winning film, Hotel Rwanda starring Don Cheadle.

There are also the many women who live in total fear daily and desire to simply have a life free of domestic violence. A life where they can experience the unconditional love of a man without having to sacrifice anything but mutual love and compassion. Though there are many people seeking freedom. Can you imagine the pain of anyone desiring freedom from that one person who claims to love them yet brings so much pain?

So, as you got about your day as normal, become more aware of how blessed you are and the way you get to freely experience freedom and move around and enjoy that freedom as you choose — what a blessing!

Move forward in RIGHTeousness XOXO♥



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