I’ve Been Here Before – Deja Vu

I’ve Been Here Before – Deja Vu

Let me simply share some lyrics from a song that I admired when I was younger and honestly, I still love this song as it shares an array of feelings that I’ve felt many times over the year’s.

I’m young and I’m old. I’m rich and I’m poor. I feel like I’ve been on this earth many times before. Once I was a white Gazelle. On horse back riding free. Searching in the darkness for a piece of me. I can feel this for sure. I’ve been here before. I can fell this for sure for sure. I’ve been here before. I used to be a queen you know. In a island by the sea.

With rainbow coloured people. Happy as can be. Never had a problem.
There never was a care. And Love was ever flowing and it’s feeling shared. And I can feel this for sure, ooh
I’ve been here before. I can feel this for sure. For sure for sure. For sure for sure. Oh I’ve been here before. Yes I have.
I can feel it. I can feel it, ooh. In my heart I feel it. The soul feels like the Universe. It’s vast and never ends.
Stars to me are the Children. Babies are my friends. God is like a galaxy. Within my spirit flies. Felt this way a million times. Please don’t ask me why…

Move forward in RIGHTeousness XOXO ♥

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