A Lesson In Disappointments

A Lesson In Disappointments

Lately, I have been a bit frustrated and overwhelmed with disappointments and a few things in life to be honest. When I consider all of the wonderful things happening, I must become more purposeful and not allow the bad to overshadow the good — it has not been easy.

However, something clicked within me today as I was driving home in silence and, I hope that it is a feeling that will reign over everything I am feeling. I have decided to simply release the drama and know that when I become disappointed, there is still a powerful lesson in that. Normally, I really don’t ponder on things and allow them to penetrate me like this. Yet, when you are going through some serious valley experiences, it makes it that much harder and things become disappointments.

Often, when a door closes (or is closed), our first instinct is to knock and all but beg to get back in, not realizing that if we were to turn around and look in another direction we may see a door wide open jut for us for our name on it. We love comfort and believe that something new will potentially make us miss out on what we were expecting on the other side of the closed door. When we do this, we are missing the lesson and most importantly the greater that we’ve been expecting.

I’m beginning to understand that when things do not turn our they way “we” expect them to, it simply means that The Universe (G0d) has a better and more prominent plan for our lives and we need to not view them as disappointments. However, in order to receive what is already ours, we must open our hands and release those things we are holding on so tight we’ve got blisters. In fact, I wrote here that sometimes, we must close our eyes and just jump and as we are jumping, envision that the net is already there to grab you.

We get so trapped in our thinking about disappointments that it becomes a part of our core, our fabric, and our most intimate thinking and, I still believe that I am being tested on this as I type but am determined to throw up my hands and say, “I trust You.” I have to focus more on, “What is it that I am learning?” instead of “Why am I so frustrated with what’s happening?”

In order to be great, like gold, we must be tested in the fire and, for me, this simple test pales mildly to all of the things I’ve been through in life. Now, it is a simple matter of having a mind shift and stop focusing so much on the negative as we will get exactly what we focus on.  It is time to inhale the bad and exhale the good.

In the book, Expectation Hangover, Author Christine Hassler talks in detail about how we must free ourselves from the past, change our present, and get what we really want. She further states that, “We all face setbacks we cannot control, yet we often forget that we have a choice about how to handle those setbacks. The Expectation Hangovers we feel in the wake of disappointment, failure, or loss can become doorways to tremendous opportunities and life-changing gifts.”


Each day, we are given a wonderful gift of life and we must not focus so much on the negative (or what appears as such) and live in the present and seek that door to greatness.

No more disappointments…Period!

Move Forward In Righteousness XO


  • Priscilla says:

    Hi Yulunda,

    I understand disappointment and can definitely relate.

    Disappointments are painful. No doubt. But, as you said, we should stop focusing so much on the negative, or what we think are negatives. If we don’t, we allow room for defeat.

    Instead, it pays to learn from these experiences. There’s always something(s) good in the bad. We just have to shift our focus.

    Great lessons learned and shared here. I enjoyed reading.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • YGladney says:

      Hello Lady! First, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend as well. Yes, you are correct, “It pays to learn from each and everyone of our experiences.”
      I hope all is well with you and yours Sis! XO

  • Priscilla says:

    Yes, Sis. I enjoyed the weekend, and all is well. Thanks much!

  • I like the perspective you are giving on how to overcome disappointments. Realizing that disappointments will happen but how you react to them really provides us with the strength we need to overcome…

    Thanks for sharing

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