6 Lessons From Golf

6 Lessons From Golf

Lessons from Golf Happy Friday Righteous Souls!

Recently, I’ve been exposed to hearing about golf every day as my colleague’s started taking serious golf lessons this summer and fell in love with the sport. They literally were playing golf three days a week, which brought them so much joy and good times. As I listened to their conversations about the sport, I started to learn that a lot of confidence, strategy and patience is required to become a great golfer. It has been a while since my husband has golfed, but he t0o seems to be catching the golf bag, I mean bug and wants to get back out on the greens. However, that may have something to do with all the fabulous weather we are having out west. So, I say, “Golf on with your bad self!”

I simply do not watch a lot of television, and when I do, I try to always watch something that I can learn from or sit with my kids to watch so we can all learn a lesson together. Hey, I am a mother, bookworm and blogger, what would you expect?

I had an opportunity this weekend to enjoy the tube when I sat with my entire family plus one to view a true-life story, “From the Rough” which stars some of my faves like Taraji P. Henson, Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP) and Letoya Luckett (Destiny’s Child). The movie is based on Tennessee State University’s (TSU) former swim coach, Cantana Starks as she becomes the first African-American woman to ever coach a NCAA Division I men’s golf team. I appreciate films that capture the life of ordinary people who had the faith to do extraordinary things.

I must be honest that I got super excited at the start of the movie when my beloved Jackson State University was respectfully discussed/mentioned in the film. At this point, we were all in and I was ready to follow the script as written without adding or inserting my thoughts of how this movie would play out.

This movie is so profound as Ms. Starks (because of many reasons) had to recruit players from all over the world and only had one African-American player on the team. Though TSU is a predominantly black university, Starks realized that sports has the ability to break color boundaries and can bring not only people together, but an entire community. This team that took courage to develop and coach broke a lot of records, and even won a national championship — How awesome is that? Her willingness to pour into these young men while gaining their trust and not giving up on them is profound and, because of her dedication, I am confident that she changed their legacy and family tree.

Some of the lessons that were learned watching this movie that stretch beyond just golf are:

1. Don’t be so serious in life and do not focus all of your time and thoughts on the bad shots. Keep believing and trust in your ability and the good shots will come.

2. Once you face your giant(s), your confidence will become stronger. In life, we must be willing to face whatever challenge is put in front of us even if we have to close our eyes and jump!

3. Be a risk taker and step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to play from the rough side of the course (life). It will be more rewarding and make you a better person all-around.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice because if you consistently use your talent, you will consistently become more successful. Like golf, it takes time to master many things in life. Relax, enjoy the scenery, have a drink and be reminded that, “Practice makes perfect permanent.” Sorry, I only know one who is perfect.

5. Play wherever the ball lands! In life, sometimes our ball(s) will not land in the most ideal places. We have to make the choice, to give up, quit and become frustrated or decide that we are more than conquerors and believe with all of our heart that we can hit those balls to wherever we need them to be. Yes, you have to believe it to receive it.

6. The first shot may be the hardest which is to be expected because it is something new. But, if we really consider our many firsts in life, they’ve always added some type of excitement and joy. So, always be willing to take that first shot.

By the way, many of you probably know by now that I love music and have a very eclectic collection and consider myself, “The girl with the golden ear,” and I loved the soundtrack from this film. Yes, I was that one on the couch rockin’ and singin’ as the movie was playing. Not only did I have a chance to bob my head (which is always a plus), I learned a great deal.

If you are like me and always have additional kids in your home because it takes a village, this is a good film to share with them, boys and girls alike.

Overall, what I really want to say is, we must be willing to grow when the opportunity presents itself and not always look for the easy way out because,  “If your life is a fairway, it is easy, it is playing from the rough that builds character and strength. In life, those who come from the rough are tough.”

Move Forward In Righteousness  XOXO

  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    These are all valuable lessons! I’ve never seen of heard of this movie – it sounds like an outstanding biography. Practicing ones craft is important! I’m lazy in that department which is b a d. Ugh we just adopted a kitten and are in training mode- he’s been distracting me ALL week. I feel so out of touch. lol! Great post love – love how you tied in your personal touch to it! Have a great one Yulunda! -Iva

    • YGladney says:

      I love biography’s and related movies as you learn so much about one’s perseverance, dedication and triumphs.

      I love the lesson in this true story. Trust that we will all have to play from the rough.

      Thanks for stopping by Beautiful Iva!

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