About ten years ago, as I was perusing in a Christian book store on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, God led me to a book that literally changed my life. I mean, there were thousands of books all around me yet, He had me look down at just the right moment to see this small 112 page educational tool that only cost $4.00.

“Does your tongue need healing” was how I truly learned the power of the tongue and that there is life & death in the power of my tongue. God created the universe with the spoken word and, that is what the universe still responds to, how and what we speak. That is why it is important how we use our words at all times, though our conscious mind may be thinking one thing, our subconscious is preparing the universe to give us EXACTLY what we’ve said.


So, I have become purposeful with the words I use and confess or affirm. You may have noticed the trend sometime back when people were calling this revelation The Secret (Law of Attraction) but, actually, it is not a secret and never has been. These are all godly principles established in the earth long ago and is not new within the last couple of decades.

My word for the year if you can imagine is MANIFESTATION! And, I guess your wondering why I chose this word, right. Well, it is because after professing Favor (2015) and Gratitude (2016), I am now able to believe by faith that those things I spoke favor over and gave thanks (gratitude) for will now begin to manifest in my life. Manifestation is spiritual because it is based on faith in the things that aren’t (but shall be).

You see, at the core or root of all matter is a force of energy that only God could create. Every single thing around us – the couch you’re sitting on, the car you drive, the book you may hold, and the computer (phone) you are reading this on, even your mind and body are made up of that magnificent energy. And if you can alter the energy  in a positive way, you can most certainly change your reality.

Let me be clear about the type of manifestation that I am speaking of because when most people think of manifestation, they automatically think of money or wealth. Yes, manifestation includes the physical things such as cars and houses but, more importantly the non-physical things such as health, peace, joy, protection, and an awesome spiritual journey.

Listen clearly as I say this, when God created the world, he gave humans a free will. This means, though we are here to lead people to Him, He does not force anyone to do so. It is our love for Him that should make us desire to live right and seek Him.

Free will is the ability to choose a course of action or what you desire the course of your life to be. It is part of responsibility, love, praise or the negative things such as guilt, sin, bad choices, etc. Basically, the choice is up to you how you desire your life to manifest and the manifestation that you experience. Remember, our reality is based on the choices we’ve made or will make.

Here are a few ways to be ‘intentional’ and have a life full of manifestation:

Think – To prepare for the experience of manifestation. Take some time to meditate, spend time alone, think while soft music plays which will release the positive energy within you and, your spirit will flow outward. Whatsoever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

Know exactly what you want – You have got to write the vision and make it plain. I mean, write it down and be very specific and include colors, amounts, feelings, healing type , etc. Grab you a wonderful journal and start penning it out now! Note: If you are manifesting a person, you cannot name a specific person but a type of person and the quality traits you desire. God and the universe are not genies :-).

Confess – Speak those things that are not as if they were! Like I said earlier, your subconscious mind does not understand the literal world and will respond to the things you speak the most and, you will get what you focus on. So, focus on good! And, make sure your heart is right because the things that come out of your mouth comes from the heart and can defile you.

Listen, manifestation is everything and powerful! Manifestation can accelerate your spiritual development, growth and provide a significant balance in all areas of your life. Please, please, please, do not only consider finances and material things, those are a given once you are aligned, positive, and centered.

Manifestation will help you to grow closer to God. develop more spiritually, be kinder, be more focused, bring new enlightening experiences and people into your circle.

You can do this and, so can I — Let’s get it done in 2017 & beyond!

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO ♥ 


  • Kara Motley says:

    I’m waiting to look down at the right moment and see that book by Yulunda Gladney ..ijs u rock the pen girlie!!! 😘😘😘😘

    • Yulunda says:

      Listen Linda! I really am trying to gather all of these thoughts in my head so I can really have something to pour into the people. And, I honestly believe we ALL have a book inside of us as that is simply life as prescribed.

      So, I too am looking forward to your book as well. Now, let’s continue to inspire one another to greatness.


  • Mari says:

    Love! Stay blessed love this post. I am always writing and talking about the importance of words! This year my word is Abundance. In love in kindness in Forgiveness. Happy New Year 😘😉

    • Yulunda says:

      OOOOH! That is a very powerful word with so much reach and depth. Yes, Abundance embodies so much and, I am believing exactly that for and with you.

      Got get it, Mari!

      Blessings Doll!

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