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  “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ~…

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“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ~ Helen Keller

As you may have read in my short bio, My name is Yulunda and I have had some of the most amazing experiences in life, but, the quote above sums up how I truly found my character.

Originally from the West Coast, I moved to Mississippi to attend college and during those four years is where I learned the true meaning of survival, making the best choices and being dedicated. Upon graduating from college, I immediately moved to Michigan where I earned my stripes, not because of the place or city where I lived, but because it is where I spent the first half of my adult years. You know, the time when you are really learning life lessons.

Yes, I know the feelings of despair, feeling alone and being in a very dark and destitute place. Wanna know why? Because I know first-hand about clinical depression (while pregnant with our first child), receiving a diagnosis from the doctor, watching my husband suffer in the hospital due to a random crime (while pregnant with our second child). Yes, I know about losing a father a few months prior to a wedding, being laid-off along with your husband (for two years). I get it, and I understand that these “valley” experiences are VERY common. They are the places that are filled with total misery, but a place that I refused to reside. AND, I also knew that it was not about me! Every challenge, every test and every obstacle was all a part of my life journey. Because of those hot fires, I am now steel.

Through it all, I discovered my purpose, which is to provide as much joy, direction, encouragement and hope to not just myself, but anyone who may need it, even if it is only through a smile (I smile a lot!) and at times, that is all I can give. I realize that there are so many people hurting and they do not need judges, they need someone with right thinking, ready to encourage them.

You ask, Y I’m Righteous (Writeous)? It is because I desire to be that one “right” person who takes the time for someone when they really need it. The one who is there for them when others are not.



Understand what I believe, desire and need…

I believe that we (people) do support one another, love one another and genuinely care for one another, contrary to everything we see, hear and even feel. We understand the challenges that we face and will be faced with and are always willing to step in to show an unwavering level of support, especially during times of trauma, drama and need.

I desire to see the beginning of a coming together with a focus on becoming better sisters, brothers, men, women, friends and supporters of one another.

I need you to survive, I need to hear from you, I need to depend on you and lean on you for your positive energy. This will further confirm (for me) THAT every day the world is becoming better because of each of us, no matter what it may seem like.

So, will you go on this magnificent journey with me? This journey will prove that we are committed to spreading the greatness deep inside of each of us and being the change we want to see in the world.

Just like the uniqueness of my name, Yulunda, I aspire for this to be a different place.

Thank you for visiting my Blog.

Be Righteous and I will continue to be Writeous!

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