Mind Right Motivational Monday!

Mind Right Motivational Monday!


Today, I had an opportunity to come to work and we had a special visit from a colleague who serenaded our entire office. She is trained in classical music and she belted out the most wonderful tunes and such beautiful words that it made all of our heart’s smile BIG.  She them shared a song she had written herself and decided to mix in a little Phyllis Hymon which made everything perfect. Experiencing that was so very motivational.

After she left, my colleague decided he would pull out his guitar and do the country rendition of Lorde’s “Royal.” We did everything we could to not wet our pants while passing out. It was #classic. I am still trying to figure out if this was motivational or just an opportunity to laugh loud and hard.

So, I said all of that to say that my Monday is flowing along very well and I am happy! It’s the little things in life that bring us the most joy and gives us an opportunity to be grateful. I am sharing my goals for the week and the things I am grateful for below

I am linking up today with some fabulous bloggers, Ok, Dani’, Reese & Coco and Mamademics who host “Mind Right Monday.” I am also linking up with my Blog BFF, Bijee, over at The Reflections of a Good Woman for, “Monday Motivation.” She is motivational in every sense of the word. Check her and the other blogs out.

Ok, Dani
The Reflections of a Good Woman



Here are my “reasonable” goals for the week

  1. Get all of the clothes washed and put up by Wednesday of this week. With work and life, we fell behind last week
  2. Organize my blogging binder so I can be more in sync with my expectations
  3. Start packing early for the trip my daughter and I am taking to California this weekend
  4. Make sure we have family Bible study tonight as scheduled weekly
  5. Commit to reading a book for at least two hours on Wednesday as currently scheduled
  6. Exercise at least 30 minutes each night this week
  7. Relax in Jesus and let life flow as I was a bit stressed last week



Here are the things I am most grateful for this week

  1. I am grateful that my Monday is fabulous and it is only noon (PST)
  2. I am grateful that my husband still loves me after 15 years of marriage
  3. I am grateful that I am receiving a lot of support from other bloggers
  4. I am grateful for my blogging BFF Bijee as she has blessed my soul
  5. I am grateful for my Sister-Friend Patricia Pennington who prayed and spoke a mighty word over Bijee and me this weekend
  6. I am grateful for kids who do not understand the plight of some of the kids in our community (i.e. hunger, homelessness, neglect, abuse, etc.). They are still kids!
  7. I am grateful for my mother and sisters who take great care of my children
  8. I am just GRATEFUL

Today, I am wishing each of you a blessed and prosperous week! Let’s finish the month strong! Let’s be Motivational!

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO ♥ 

  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    That’s a cool skill your coworker has – I wish I could sing! Maybe in another life 🙂 My motivation for today was to get paid and get home so I could play with our new kitten 🙂 🙂 Mission accomplished. Now I get to cook which I enjoy! Have a great one Yulunda! -Iva

    • YGladney says:

      A new kitty. How fabulous! We got new fish and one passed in 2 days. I have my theory :/. Yes, she is trained in classical music. It made my morning.

  • Bijee says:

    *In full mush mode* I am grateful for you as well love!!! I hope you are enjoying your getaway and time with your baby girl. Let me just say I started the laundry for my husband and I HATE IT! I hope you got yours done!
    So thankful for that word that was spoke over us last weekend! Your g/f is the bomb.com, thankful for the Lord using her!

    Thanks for linking up (and on Monday)

    Talk to you soon! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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