National Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

I am not sure how or when I became aware of human trafficking, like everything else God reveals to me, he dropped this pandemic in my lap almost six year’s ago and, I have found myself dedicated to this cause every since.

First, I am most grateful that I personally do not understand what it feels like to be trafficked (among other things) and that God has sheltered me beyond words.

But, what I need you to understand as I did is that trafficking does not only encompass sex trafficking but other types of trafficking akin to slavery. Yes, you heard me correctly, you and I at some point have crossed paths or worked directly with someone crippled by the daily, sorry, I meant second-by-second horror of this wickedness.

Let me go deeper in this. See, when I lived in the Mid-west, I would go to specialized braid shops where the women spoke no English (as I experienced it), braided hair 12-14 hours a day, slept in the back room and did this seven days a week. I would always think to myself, “I wonder when do they get a ‘real’ break, what part of Africa are they from and, are they happy braiding all day every day?” And, since I have a spirit of discernment as a gift, I am keen to these situations but, may not be able to always fully understand them. But, like the old gospel hymn says, “We will understand it better, by and by.”

Now, fast forward with me as I tell you about my experience of shopping at a flea market in my current city. I normally go in and directly head for the store (booth) that I am prepared to shop at. I mean, anyone who goes to a flea market must have a true purpose and mine was to get artificial plants for my kitchen (I digress). But, on this particular visit, I found myself wandering around to see if there were any new vendors and, as I was circling back towards the front, I noticed a young red haired girl sitting on a bench that had a certain look, which is possible if you’ve been shopping all day, ask my husband.

However, it was the guy who was sitting next to her that really grabbed my attention. See, while she was modestly dressed and somewhat homely, he was dressed in a suave manner that was not befitting of the flea market. Furthermore, he gave me a look that said, “Mind your damn business and eyes forward!” THAT is when my radar went off and, I politely strolled by without another glance, went to the front and called 9-1-1. Before I could even catch my second breathe, policemen were entering the building and heading in the exact location I had described. I believe by faith that I helped to rescue that young lady that day.

Finally, I have housekeepers who I work with and, before I could even commit to using them, I asked (because I am so bold) are you paying your support team a fair wage based on our pricing? Once I got a yes, and blank stare, I was content because traffickers would never deal with someone who dares to ask such a question. Nah, they will find those who ‘appear’ to not have a clue or who really are clueless.

Honestly, had I not been committed and taken that day long seminar on trafficking and followed my spirit, I could never be versed on what trafficking really looks like. That is why I am educating you too.

So, today on this National Human Trafficking Day, I implore you to slow down, take time, focus your gift on someone else and become aware.

Believe me, you will make more of a difference then you could ever, ever, ever imagine.

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO♥



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