One Day You Will Realize!

One Day You Will Realize!

One day, you will realize

You realize what is important, what is not important, who is important, and who is not important (for your life).

You learn to care less about what people think about you, how they feel about you, and more about what you think of yourself, and how you feel about yourself.

Realization personified!

You remember how far you have come and ponder why you ever doubted you would make it. You remember all of the things you have been delivered from and what you could have been.

You begin to realize that you are great and have greatness within you.

You begin to realize that you are strong and have strength within you.

You begin to realize that you are special and have a special gift within you.

You begin to realize you are right and you are righteous.

You begin to realize that you are everything.

Isn’t life complicated enough? I would say just live your life  according to your terms. Learn more here.

It really is unfortunate when you see people living their precious live on someone else’s terms. I mean, it is simply another form of bondage and self destruction. These are the people who will look back over there lives and wonder why they made the choices that they made and they are always the one’s mumbling, “What if!” My heart ache’s for these individuals and, I just want to grab them and shake it out of them.

We have so much power inside of us and we must be determined to make ourselves a priority by loving ourselves first and say, “I am Somebody!”   

I do not know how many different ways to say this, but, this will make it clear — If we’ve got to give them something, let’s give them something to talk about like Bonnie Raitt! WHAT!!!!

Question: “Have you experienced this realization?” Let me know in the comments below…

Move forward in righteousness XOXO 


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