No Poisonous People!

No Poisonous People!

Listen up!

I have a few words to say about the power of poison and how poisonous people will and can destroy your life. Similar to the toxins we know about in the air, food, and water being harmful to our health, so are individuals. The sad truth is that most people who are carrying poison within them are totally and inherently unaware that they are poisonous.


It has become even more evident to me the importance of not aligning ourselves with people who are poisonous for too long. The challenge most often is that we encounter these individuals daily on our jobs and in our families or personal circle. Yes, some of the most poisonous people come disguised as family and friends and, it is time for us to recognize this fact and do those things necessary to ensure we do not become infected by them.

We all know what we must do to break free from these individuals, even if it means having no communication with them leisurely, only when you have to. And, if you have the option to totally limit the amount of time you spend with these people, you must guarantee that you value yourself enough to simply leave them alone.

Remember, people will inspire you or they will drain you and, you are most certainly allowed to terminate any relationship and know that if someone is not adding to your life, they are taking it away. In other words #ByeStaceyDashAway

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO
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  • Lux G. says:

    True, true, true! Some people are born with the mission to spread hate and contempt. It’s important to not lose sight of who we really are.

    • YGladney says:

      Yes. Unfortunately, our circumstances and trials can turn us into poison. Thing is, we do not have to waddle in it. Get help, break free and become the positive person one should be.

      XO Beautiful

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