Purpose :: Bieber is Back!

Purpose :: Bieber is Back!

Listen, there is something magical, blessed and noteworthy about anyone who can, like a Phoenix rise from the ashes (or what we may view as such). Especially when you have fallen from grace under the watchful eye of so many people who were willing and ready to judge you about every step you were taking and every decision you were making.

Since I am honest, I have to let you know that I am a Justin Bieber fan (I own all of his albums) and, it saddened me to see him make some questionable decisions. But, then, I realized that at some point in his life (our lives) he (we) do just that. But, thankfully our indiscretions are not always readily known.

After a very stormy 2013 and 2014, Justin Bieber’s been using 2015 to showcase himself in a better light. He appears to be more humble, charitable and overall in a much happier place. And, I can guarantee you that he is able to operate in this manner because he most likely has surrounded himself with positive and caring people. No one can advance or live their best life surrounded by people who co-sign every wrong move.

The lesson I have learned by those who have received a second chance is that you must accept your past but position yourself in a great way. The level of music streaming from Bieber is indicative of maturity not only vocally, but from a human point of view.

I am even more encouraged that Bieber has realized the platform that has been afforded to him, one that millions dream about and sacrifice so much for and never reach a fraction of the success he has. SN: I always maintained hope that the same would happen for my Whitney Houston. Anyway, I am extremely proud of this young man and him making such a powerful comeback.

When I say comeback, I mean a strong one by Bieber. He has some dynamic songs on this new CD like, “What do you mean?” “Sorry” and “I’ll show you.” And, there are 13-18 songs to enjoy (based on version purchased).

We all have PURPOSE and no matter what, we need to ensure that we live it. So, don’t dare judge Bieber, learn from his journey and remember to have some FUN! Happy Friday, the 13th

Move Forward in RIGHTeousness XOXO
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Here is a snippet of what I am talking about and, I know you will love it so, grab yours Purpose [Deluxe Edition] collection like I did.

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