Return To Sender!

Return To Sender!

Return to Sender

As I think about these few weeks of 2015, one thing I am confident about is that I refuse to be bogged down with a lot of BS. I learned long ago that I get to ultimately choose how I respond and how I react to every situation and individual that comes my way. I can look at the positive side of things and reject anything that I deem negative or deal with it and be a bitter angry [black] woman. It is my life and I am determined to live it like its golden because it is.

So, when it comes to negativity, I am returning it all to the sender (who or whatever that may be) because I am at the point in my life that has me deciding what is really important and what is not. Yes, I accept people for who they are and don’t always hold them responsible for their actions (they may be dealing with a lot) but, having said that, I am also not going to sit around and allow them to treat me any ol’ kind of way. I will just simply separate myself from them and those said issues, pray for them and release back to their Maker. Yes, I will adopt the return to sender mentality immediately and move on along towards my greatness and with no regrets or second thoughts. Hmmm!

Return to Sender

I implore you to never associate yourself with anything that is going to push you over the edge or bring out the absolute worst in you because that will reflect on who you are as a person and will have you going in the opposite direction of what you desire. You too must adopt the ‘Return that foolishness to the Sender’ mentality. And, if by chance you are that negative person (we all can be), work a little harder to become a better individual.

If you continue to stay true to yourself and your earnest convictions, you will certainly attract the right people into your life and circle. You will begin to get the packages that everyone is running home to grab up quickly and open with their bare hands. You know, the package that will have you checking the delivery status every hour because you are just that excited that it is coming.

So, never hold on to packages that are toxic, that have not been scanned for security and that has broken fragments inside as they are just too heavy to carry. When you get one of the following heavy packages, do not hesitate one moment to Return to Sender:

Return to Sender Jealously

Return to Sender Wrath

Return to Sender Envy

Return to Sender Anger

Return to Sender Judgment

Return to Sender Gossip

Return to Sender Lies

Return to Sender Self-Hate

Return to Sender Low Self Esteem

Return to Sender Depression

Return to Sender Hypocrisy

Return to Sender Personal Attacks

Return to Sender a Lying Tongue

Return to Sender Cheating

Return to Sender Anything that Makes You Uncomfortable

Return to Sender

In life, we do not have to sign for or accept every package that is addressed to us. Be very cautious and be willing to return any packages to the sender!

TODAY, I’ve given you total permission (not that you really need MY permission) to stop, speak up and return all junk to the sender. Allow me to write it a little clearer and say, “If someone comes to you with a bunch of mess, send that ish back to them as ‘undeliverable’!

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO 
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  • tonja says:

    Well put, return to sender address unknown.

  • Tera Cross says:

    I put it in the return to sender no one here by that name. Love it!!!!

  • Mari says:

    Nice share! Great perspective.

  • Cookie says:

    Such encouraging words! Everything you said/wrote is on point…thank you for sharing!

    • YGladney says:

      OMG! Hey Cookie! When I saw that you had stopped by, I was super stoked! Thank you for the support and encouraging words my lady.

      God Bless and Let’s remain Writeous XOXO

  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    I LOVE this Lol It’s so true you really shouldn’t affiliate yourself with anything negative or remotely damaging to your psyche. Send that sh*t back! 🙂 I have been strictly enforcing this more in the last few years, especially with myself since sometimes our thoughts are the most damaging. I’m making a lot of progress. 🙂 Have a great one Yulunda! -Iva

    • YGladney says:

      Girl. I had to write this one to help myself and you’re absolutely right as I too had to stop all of the negative self talk and thoughts I was possessing over. It is amazing the stuff we tell ourselves and ultimately believe.

      Truth is, I am to grown (and sexy) to deal with heavy packages filled with junk. Shoot, I have enough of that on the backside. LOL 😉

      Happy Thursday, Pre-Friday Beautiful Soul!

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