Say What? No White After Labor Day

Say What? No White After Labor Day

First, let me explain that Labor Day is a holiday to really celebrate the contributions and labor of many associations who fought hard for various labor rights, their achievements and accomplishments. Labor Day has a very storied past and did not come without a fight and people actually protested for 8-hour workdays (which it were more like five).

So, though I appreciate the tributes that were made to all of our service men and women, I must insist that we become more knowledgeable about the various holidays we celebrate and why. You can almost obtain a degree online via YouTube and Google alone. So, make sure you study and get in the know. Just a quick side note.

Now, I have always wondered why people would insist that one not wear any white after Labor Day in preparation for the fall and winter and as I’ve learned, it is simply a tradition that was started to signify the end of summer in many parts of America and was also a way to separate the Haves from the Have Nots. And, I must say, it is one of those beliefs that is heavily ingrained in the soil we walk on. My mother is a big believer that wearing white during this season is a no-no.

Though the rule has become a bit more relaxed over time, it is still a mystery as we are permitted (using this loosely) to wear winter white and off white if it is in the appropriate material. Many fashion designers offer white as part of their fall and winter lines, often in very dynamic ways. In warmer climates such as Nevada or Florida, I believe white is more acceptable to wear year round, since unfavorable winter weather is not an issue.

I believe everyone should do, be and wear whatever they desire in order to be happy. But, there is a classy way to wear white and I must insist we all learn how it should be done. I have a special board on Pinterest showing just how this can be done.

Now, break the rules, live your life and wear some white! But please, no white pumps if you can help it 😉

Move Forward In RIGHTeousness XOXO
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  • April says:

    Girl! I am with you! Us desert girls should be able to wear white whenever we want to. Plus white looks SO good on you! Let’s rock it all year long 🙂

  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    Man I wear what I want. I don’t care what season it is, if it looks good on me and I feel great in it: it’s ON! I don’t care what color it is; I will wear white RIGHT after labor day just to prove a point. Lol. If you don’t pay my bills stfu. I recall reading it was merely a tradition i believe by higher fancy classes the whole “not wearing white” situation but again, boo to that. I know dark colors in the winter are great because they absorb heat, so you stay warm longer whereas, white colors are great for summer since it does not and therefore the heat bounces off of it keeping you cooler. Doesn’t mean I can’t wear white though! Great stuff Yulunda! Take Care gorgeous! -Iva

    • YGladney says:

      Oh Yes Honey, I know you and I are our own women in our own right. But, those white pumps in snow I cannot have. Boots, Yeah, pumps? Hecky Nawl! LOL 😂 ROCK YOUR WHITE BOO! 😂 😂

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