How to Say Yes to Happiness and No to Stress!

How to Say Yes to Happiness and No to Stress!


Thursday Thoughts! 

I guess I still have a lot to say about us as individuals being in charge of all aspects of our lives. Maybe this is a subject that strikes a nerve with me because it is still on my mind. Nope, talking earlier this week about 4 Simple Ways to Deal with Negative People was not enough as I have more inside of me that I must (because I am Type-A) get out.

This time however, I am talking about our ability to make conscious decisions to live a life of happiness or a life of stress. I have elected the first option, what about you? Well, if your’e not exactly sure, maybe the words I am about to layout here will help you to finally make the decision to seek happiness.

I had to learn that I could not simply be everything to everybody, and, once that lesson paralyzed me until I had no choice but to work hard to overcome it, I finally got it and began to make a shift so I could move again (forward that is).

I still refuse to live my life according to the pattern that has been laid out for all of those willing to confine and live the life of being busy! And, like I mentioned here, being busy does not mean we are productive. What it means is that we are willing to sacrifice our happiness for busyness and trick our minds into believing that we are productive. Yet, our bodies are stressed out and slowly deteriorating. Yes, we are fading on off to Glory Land, well, I hope!

Here are the ways you can begin to enjoy HAPPINESS NOW!

1. Count Your Blessings – Write them down and see how far you’ve come in life. Review your journals, old bills that you were able to pay (if you are a quasi hoarder), consider past relationships, people you have helped, reminiscence about your childhood and how no matter what, how you strived  to be just that, a child. Then, sit back and realize how far you really have come in life.

2. Know What Your Priorities Are – Listen, there are thousands of things that we could be doing, but, we must hone in on and focus on those things that will really impact our life and personal passion(s). Trying to do everything that our minds can imagine up will only cause us to stress out, worry and ultimately become depressed and think less of ourselves as we can not complete all of the tasks that we were tricked into believing we could accomplish. In other words, don’t let your mind play tricks on you. Reminder: Most of the time, less really is more.

3. Lower Your Material Wants – We really need to consider that many of the things we consider purchasing is simply ‘stuff’. Yes, stuff that we will most likely bag up and give away the next year (hopefully to someone less fortunate). The way I am able (now) to overcome my material desires is to tell myself that, “There will always be something nice, something new, something trendy and something to buy.” Finally, if you create a spreadsheet to track your spending for one month (something I do daily) you will be astonished at where your money is truly going. Lower your wants and increase your happiness as stress will have to leave.

4. Take a leap of Faith – There is something wonderful that happens when we decide to Close our Eyes and JUMP! The earth will shift to catch you and give you that one (or two or three) things that you are believing for and believing in. Trust your instinct, your gut, your intuition and know that there is a greater force working inside of you and directing you like a rudder to provide you with the happiness you deserve. Yes, you deserve every single bit — rest in that fact!

5. Be True To Yourself – Never ever be fake with yourself as you know you better than anyone else. And, it will only cause you to become frustrated and irritated. So, decide now not to play any games with the man or woman in the mirror. I do not have to expand on this further as you already know what you must do.

Here are the ways you can begin to reduce  STRESS NOW!

1. Don’t Believe Every Thought – Yes, you are allowed to challenge the many thoughts that come into your head: doubt, lack of belief, frustration, gossip, and more. You can literally replace every bad thought with its archrival, the positive thought: belief, abundance,  assurance, silence and more.

2. Ignore the Crowd – Yes, go against the grain and do not follow every path as they may lead to dead ends. Be a trailblazer and create your own path. The crowd is often filled with a bunch of followers who congregated for reasons unknown to them. It is your life after all, and in my Forrest Gump voice, “That’s all I have to say about that!”  No, wait! I did say a few words about it here.

3. Focus On The Bigger Picture – There is always a bigger picture, and, you may have to press your way through all of the static to get to it, but, it is there! Find it, watch it, and believe everything you see there as it will not lead you or direct you wrong.

4. Smile More – Smiling is everything and as you may have noticed on my ‘about me’ page (or to your immediate right above), I love to smile and so should you as it really is energizing, electric and at times the one thing we need to make it through the day. Imagine all of the people you can touch with your smile and that should be enough to help you to carry on with finding happiness and reducing stress.

5. Show Some Compassion – One fact that shall always remain in each of our lives is that there is always someone, somewhere who is worse off than we are. So, let’s begin to walk through this world grasping tightly to our humbleness as we are more fortunate than we could ever imagine.

6. Let Go Of Negative People – Do I really need to expound any further? We must not surround ourselves around people who spend most of their time complaining and being negative as that is exactly who we will become. Who we spend our time with really does say a lot about who we are.

Remember, “Saying yes to happiness means learning to say no to things and people that stress you out.”

{Question} “How will you begin to reduce your stress and enjoy more happiness?” I really would like to know, so share~

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO

  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    Yes to saying no to negative folks! And you have to be grateful for what you have indeed- it helps put your thoughts in perspective, esp when you think the world is conspiring against you. Also get up and move do something, sometimes moving around just helps you clear your mind. If all else fails naps helps me tremendously 🙂 Nothing more delicious than an afternoon delightful-nap. 😀 Have a great one Yulunda! -Iva

    • Yulunda says:

      Hello Iva –
      Yes, naps are everything and have often been lifesavers for me! I totally agree with us getting up, moving and being active to help the ‘right’ flow of energy and ideas. A clear mind should be each of our goals. Bless you, Iva.

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