So What People are Talking About You!

So What People are Talking About You!

I seriously cannot remember a time in my life that I really truly cared about what people had to say about me. Yes, of course I have had my feelings hurt on many occasions but, I never let those words sink deep enough into my soul to fester and become septic. I some how learned at an early age that only what I believed about myself is what matters and, if I allow someone else to dictate how I feel, they have complete and utter control of me.

I get really annoyed and perplexed when I see people getting mad, hurt and sad when utter strangers, trolls, racists, and chauvinists personally attack them. How dare we allow someone who does not know us intimately have the power to influence or direct our behavior. In fact, I wrote about focusing on the Likers because they are the only individuals who truly matter.

Let me share some insight that God has fearfully and wonderfully made us, setting us apart as the most intelligent, sharpest, unique, and skillful beings and there is not a person on this earth who can change this unless you and I allow them too.

It is my belief that the only things that people come after or attack is greatness or someone they are somehow threatened by. Often times, people are attacking from their hurt, from their level of understanding, from their lack, and from their jealousy. Trust that if they could do better, they most certainly would. I know longer spend time on these type of people and their toxic energy. They have done enough damage to themselves and the laws of reciprocity are real and what comes around will always ricochet right back at them. These people have a serious heart condition and until they come into this realization, you and I are going to have to speak life over them and simply move on.

Joel Osteen recently said, “If you hear that somebody is talking about you, pay no attention to it, give it no energy. It’s a distraction. Instead of getting upset, remember, they don’t talk about ordinary people, they talk about exceptional people. They wouldn’t be talking about you if you weren’t a cut above. Take it as a compliment.”

So, the next time someone tries to “come for you,” I challenge you to nod, giggle, forgive them and think to yourself and remember that I said, “So what if people are talking about you!” Because you are all you’ve got.

Move Forward in Righteousness XOXO
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