Speak with your heart!

Speak with your heart!

Heart conditioning about to happen…

The heart is everything and, in the last week I have struggled to show love for country, and even people. However, I am slowly coming to a return of focusing beyond the flesh and on the heart.

So, what I’ve decided to do is to try my hardest to use my heart in everything that I do. This entails going deep within me and pausing to make a conscious decision to imagine that when I am in conversation with someone, that the words I am saying are flowing from my heart because, ultimately, they are. This has to change things immediately (I would imagine) for the better and, will allow me to attract like-hearted people to further draw to me. I hope this is one way (besides prayer) to keep the bad energy and people away from me and those spiritually connected to me.

So, when I am interacting with my friend’s, I will speak with my . When I am interacting with my boss and colleagues, I will speak with my . When I am dealing with my family, I will speak with my . When I am talking to strangers, I will speak with my . I do not care where I am at or who I am around, I will be diligent with speaking with my .

When you do so like me, people feel you energy because God equipped us in this way to connect on a more intimate level. The ultimate result will be respect, support, forgiveness, and so much more tangible or not.

I will remain focused on the words that I use as they are representing my heart which is the epicenter of my kindness, sincerity, love, and concern for mankind.

If I use my heart more to deal with people during these extremely sadistic and heartbreaking times, I am bound to make a difference and start a small revolution of love among those in my sphere.

Also, let’s be clear that, “Some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life!” Don’t get what I am speaking about confused.

Won’t you join me.

Move Forward In Righteousness



  • Tonita Mack says:

    Hello Yulunda,

    This is a powerful message. I am struggling in my life with a few challenges and have prayed over them. I know realize that I need to practice what you are speaking. I thank you for this message and the others you have published.

    May God continue to bless you and your family!

    • Yulunda says:

      Hello Doll!

      What I’ve learned over the year’s is that carrying the weight of our problems and life on our shoulders will completely wear us down and destroy us. We’ve been through so much (seriously) over the last year that I am constantly having to remind myself that God is in total control regardless. If we could really see how much love He has for us, we would be astonished.

      Keep the faith, close your eyes and take some deep breathes and fight on!

      Blessings T.Mack 🙂

  • Mari says:

    I like that idea. I take deep breaths and close my eyes when I feel like I’m about to speak abruptly. It helps me to remember to be kind. Great share stay blessed:)

    • Yulunda says:


      Every time you touch down over here, I immediately start smiling because I know that God is a quilter and he sends you to always encourage me in so many way. Merry Christmas and Happy Blessed New Year.

      You stay Blessed too =)

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