Thank You Donald Trump!

Thank You Donald Trump!

*This post was written on my handheld late tonight. Please forgive any errors*

Dear Mr. Trump,

I had become perplexed and started pondering the plight of our nation ahead of what I believe will be a very disturbing process as we seek to find the successor to President Obama. I finally had to remind myself that some things are simply bigger than me and, everything really does happen for a reason.


I mean, I was becoming more disenchanted and frustrated by all of the negative rhetoric displayed by not only your campaign rallies, but the GOP as a whole that I felt like I had purchased tickets to the circus and could attend every day and see new acts. So, naturally, I stopped watching downdates (opposite of updates) regarding your ‘campain’.

At some point, I may have believed you were a savvy business man with solid business strategies that so many can learn from. But, since you placed yourself into the race, I have learned that you sir are so much more — You are an ignorant man with bad hair.


Recently, New York magazine released an article with the headline, “The Chinese Government Is Now Using Donald Trump As Proof That Democracy Doesn’t Work.” Which to me means that other countries such as this Asian powerhouse of China will further lose faith and trust in America which, by the way is already great in comparison to so many other countries. Or, are you talking about Jim Crow great?  So confused on this.

Mr. Trump, I want to thank you for making it clear to so many that the underbelly of America is racism, hatred, jealousy, bigotry, and bias. You are helping to uncover the true wickedness at hand. You sir are confirming that so many in America lack tolerance for people different from them.

You sir are nothing new, but a true representative of what America is and what it has always been, a country of a lot of divisive entitled people who believe that because of their skin-tone they are superior. You and your worshipers are an embarrassment to the entire human race.


Thank you for being the mouthpiece to further show us that white privilege does exist and that the scales of justice are permanently leaning in favor of people who look, think, and act like you. Thank God for all of the noble white men and women that I know as this has helped me to understand it’s a certain population of people who honor you. In fact, I always here people I am associated with say, “Who are the people voting for Trump?”

Mr. Trump, I want to thank you as you’ve confirmed the belief that we must believe a person when they show us who they are and to look closely at the people they attract and surround themselves with. Many of the people following you are the same individuals who just follow anything with ‘hype’ and not because of qualifications. You sir are a more than a fad, you are a one man reality show and America loves reality shows and, you made the other Republicans a part of your cast. You are good for ratings! You are like many charismatic preacher’s who preach to one’s emotions but not sowing true seed into people.

Your language is very telling as you yell fiercely, “Get THEM out of here.” or, when you say, “The Muslims, The Hispanics and The Blacks.” You are a dictator in the truest form. When you said, “I could stand in the street and kill someone and still have followers,” you let us know how basic and irrational your tribe is.

Thank you Mr. Trump for highlighting how segregated your thinking is. Does it not trouble you to know that the largest percentage of your followers look just like you. What am I thinking, no, you’re not troubled because if you were, you would be encouraging unity and not trying to build a wall, ship people out of America, and asking people to raise their hands and chant “Hail Trump” all while calling women pigs.

Thanks for confirming that evil is closer than we may have imagined, so close that my neighbor who waves at me daily may be sitting in the front row of one of your rallies chanting, “Make America Great Again!” You’ve made me focus in and pay closer attention to those who ultimately want to reject me.

Mr. Trump, I really need to thank you as I got the revelation that what is happening in our nation is more devine than we can imagine. We are living in the last days and the only way we will be able to overcome an earthly force like you and your cult is through unified prayer, unified support and unified patience as we await God’s plan to be unveiled.

Thank you Mr. Trump for putting yourself out there in such a fascist way so we can hunker down, stand firm and do whatever is necessary to ensure we play the spiritual trump card to win the political election game.

Yes, thank you Mr. Trump for providing rhetoric that is opposite of a ‘true’ leader as you’ve taught so many how not to act.


Finally, I would love to be in the big chair to point my finger directly at you and say, “YOURE FIRED!” As I’m reading a book! LOL 🙂

Until that blessed day, I must simply bid you farewell with, “Bye Stacey, Dash Away!” as Felicia proudly walks back into our lives.



  • Angela P Williams says:

    love this read, well said as always

  • Stephania Love says:

    PREACH Yulunda!!

    • YGladney says:

      Yessss! Somebody needs to do it! Thing is, Trump might have a bigger plan up his sleeves like, “I Love Hillary!”

  • Bijee says:

    Girl. I have no words! All I can say is I look to the heavens… Good write up very well written. Thank you lord that you see know and are fully aware of all things. Nothing happens that you don’t know about. Have your way!

    • YGladney says:

      Exactly, we better keep our hearts and minds on God and trust in His perfect will for our lives. Thanks for stopping by Sunshine!

  • Katherine says:

    Yes blacks thought we made it…slap back to reality…true face of America.

    • YGladney says:

      Well hello Beautiful. We’ve made it a long way but, not far enough. It is really tiring and taxing to know that you are first judged by the melanin in your skin. BUT GOD!

  • Lux G. says:

    It’s becoming like a joke, doesn’t it? I hope this all ends soon.

  • This Trump fiasco is so disappointing in so many ways. I would like to think the same America that elected President Obama is above this, but sadly that just isn’t so. For so many people to support this man just shows me how much out nation needs prayer. Thanks for writing this,

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