The ‘Black~ish’ Monologue

The ‘Black~ish’ Monologue

With exactly one week before Donald Trump takes over the highest office in America, ABC had the great audacity to have its writers tackle what I believe to be one of the most powerful segments.

In a nutshell, Dre (Anthony Anderson) is part of an ad agency who instead of working on a major pitch became enthralled in talking about the results of the election. When he was questioned about not saying a word and whether he loved his country (America) or not, he succinctly delivered these poignant words that I’ve transcribed precisely…

“I love this country even though at times it doesn’t love me back. For my whole life my parents, my grandparents, me, for most black people, this system has never worked for us. But we still play ball, tried to do our best to live by the rules even though we knew they would never work out in our favor, had to live in neighborhoods that you wouldn’t drive through, send our kids to schools with books so beat up you couldn’t read them, work jobs that you wouldn’t consider in your nightmares.”

“Black people wake up everyday believing our lives are gonna change even though everything around us says it’s not. Truth be told, you ask most black people and they tell you no matter who won the election, they don’t expect the hood to get better. But they still voted because that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

“You think I’m not sad that Hillary didn’t win? That I’m not terrified about what Trump’s about to do? I’m used to things not going my way. I’m sorry that you’re not and it’s blowing your mind, so excuse me if I get a little offended because I didn’t see all of this outrage when everything was happening to all of my people since we were stuffed on boats in chains. I love this country as much — if not more — than you do. And don’t you ever forget that.”

I truly believe that this episode of Black-ish immediately made people pause, reflect, and vow internally to not only do better but be better and, for that, I am grateful.

Move forward in righteousness XOX♥


  • Martine says:

    That episode was thought provoking, insightful, and on point! I wonder if the people who would get the most from watching it actually took the time to do so. Probably not. But I know it was powerful and I am so glad it aired!

    • Yulunda says:

      Listen Martine!

      Can I say how excited I am to see you here because I think you are EVERYTHING!

      You’re absolutely correct! In fact, this episode put me back in check.

      I have a good white male from friend and, I say this as he has been nothing but good to me) who has been a staunch Trump fan since I’ve known him (5+ years) who told me he would watch Black~ish because he trusts me. So, I think God is going to let everyone who needs to see it be led to do so.

  • Edrena Brown says:

    It literally made me cry. Even reading it, brings tears. This election put me in a funk, like I can’t believe!
    Then the press conference, which turned into…….WHAT WAS THAT?
    I’m going to ‘keep on living, Baby’ as my Grandma used to say….

    • Yulunda says:

      Hey Drena!!!! Man, it was EVERYTHING and sent chills up and down my spine! THis election put us all in a funk but, what God has spoken to me is that it may take someone like a Donald Trump to REALLY level the playing field so we can all live as He has deemed.


  • Derrick G. says:

    Dre’s commentary in this Black-ish episode would have been exactly what I would have felt and how I would have reacted if acccused of not having love for my Country. Especially when at times my Country doesn’t love my race specifically males like my son, father, men in my family and friends.

    One of the best scenes to me was his apology. In his apology he states that the morning after the results was the first time that other races experienced how it feels to be Black.

    • Yulunda says:

      My thing is, he was able to say what so many of us couldn’t verbalize and Anthony did absolutely amazing on all fronts, even when he returned to the room (as you’ve stated) to humble himself and apologize YET close the gap on how we can all be better and do better.

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