The Wisdom of The Eagle

The Wisdom of The Eagle


Happy Friday Righteous Souls 

Eagles really are fascinating, everything about them is simply marvelous and reminds me of the greatness of God. Now, I am not bragging, but, I do try to think on a high level and have high expectations of myself as well as others. So, if I had to compare myself to anything today at this point in my life, it has to be the eagle. Yes, I am smooth, smart, sleek and am known for my greatness and people are amazed at me often and watch me in awe {Insert Smile, Giggle or Laughter Here}.

I have had an opportunity to hear teachings on the Eagle and have done some research and have determined the following:

1. Eagles will fly in, through and around a storm and will seek out a storm when necessary as it knows that the winds from a storm will push it higher and allow it to soar. The storms are what allows the eagle to eventually glide with greatness. So, the next time a storm arises in your life, go higher, hold on (glide), and you will be better than before.

2. Eagles prepare prior to choosing and this is evident in how they search out the best location to build a nest. They will build a nest high up in the mountains and ensure that it is built in such a way that predators do not want to go through all of the trouble to reach or intrude the nest. Why would they, when they have so many other birds who have not prepared that they can go after?

3. The Eagle understand that its network determines its total worth and can often be found flying alone or with other eagles. An eagle will never be found hanging around with other birds and, you will never find them in a flock (the crowd). No matter how we may feel about the people we know in our daily lives, we mustn’t spend all of our time with them and spend more time with like-minded, goal-oriented people. Yes, we should still love and care for them, but we have to insist that our needs are met first — this is not selfish, it is knowing one’s worth.

4. Eagles love to dine on the best, unlike a predatory bird, the eagle seeks out its own fresh food (opportunities) and does not beg for left overs. The eagles know that there is enough for everyone and they do not have to bicker or fight anyone for what they have. Besides, they have a richer appetite (dream).

5. Eagles have the best vision as they can see the smallest details from the high place where they are perched. The eagle will remain focused on the prey (goal) until it has it in its grasp. Like the eagle, we must know exactly what the mission is and work to align it with our vision.

Now, I am confident that you and I are striving to think, act, excel and mount up on wings like the eagle, right?

And, please remember to, “Celebrate your success and stand strong when adversity hits, for when the storm clouds come in, the eagles soar while the small birds take cover.”

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Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO 

  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    Eagles are an awesome animal to equate to 🙂 I am very similar to a koala – they sleep up to 22 hours a day, more than any other animal in the world. I think we’re soul mates because that’s all I love doing. Lol. 🙂 Have a great weekend Eagle! -Iva

    • YGladney says:

      LMBO! Yes, I love Koala’s also and during a certain time of the month, I convert over and get my sleep on. Then, back to Eagle mode.

      We really can learn some wonderful lessons from the beauty all around us.

      Happy Monday Beautiful Iva

  • Tania says:

    Truly amazing how awesome our God is!! If we all lived as the eagle does — guess there would be no need for such a beautiful creature, right? However, I do understand and struggle with most of the qualities the eagles has. Which is why I celebrate the opportunity to start new and fresh with each day God blesses me with (that should never be taken for granted). Thanks, Yulunda for sharing this post. I truly enjoyed reading it!

    • YGladney says:

      I have to write the vision for myself and keep striving towards it. YES, new mercies every morning! What an awesome God to offer us that.

      I feel hour greatness and am grateful for God’s quilting. The way he connects the dots is nothing less than amazing.

      Thanks for visiting.

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