Today was a Good Day!

Today was a Good Day!

Though I am a fan of Ice Cube and his business acumen, rags to riches story and overall greatness, I am not speaking of him and his top hit, “Today was a good day.” Nah, I am speaking of something more powerful, more divine, and more life changing — A God Day.

I am speaking of the day Christ was led to meet His final fate of death on the cross at Calvary. Some may call the day Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday, or Easter Friday and for me, it is extra special and speaks to the greater force within me. Because He did, I can.

Good Day
On Good Friday, many pause to reflect on Jesus’ willingness to suffer by crucifixion in order to ultimately sacrifice himself for our sins. Because He died on the cross, I am forgiven and made worthy to be considered a Child of God. Because He died on the cross this day, I am able to connect directly with my source in prayer. Because He died, I can gloriously celebrate that there is always something better in store for me. Because of Him, I have power through Faith.

It was on that cross that mercy connected with grace and we all received divine forgiveness and peace. All because Jesus willingly took our punishment as His own, I have been blessed in ways I still am unable to conceive and even believe.

Today, though Good Friday was a day of human sorrow and fleshly suffering, it was godly joy that ultimately penetrated the earth and because He did, I am happy, free, accepted, and favored. I am grateful that he would not come down from the cross because my soul would be lost. There is no greater love than Him laying down his life for a friend.
Good Day
Every day, I challenge myself to display the love of Christ in all I do and because I fail at times, I am glad that I can stop and reflect on the suffering of Christ just for me and realize that I am forgiven. It is this thought alone that makes today a Good Day! Or, should I say, “Today is a God Day.”

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO
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