We made it: A Democrat and A Republican remains Friends

We made it: A Democrat and A Republican remains Friends

We’ve been friends for a number of year’s and, I’ve always known that David had love for Donald Trump before the man even whispered one iota of interest in serving in the highest office in America. No, seriously, David is such a fan of Trump that he does annual stays at one of Trump’s hotels to be fully immersed in great things (#AlternativeFacts) this man offers his guests. So, in all honesty, his love for The Donald is real and long-term and, I guess he got it honestly.

David is also a staunch conservative which is sometimes rare considering his age, where he lives, and the job he works. But somehow, he has remained true to his beliefs and has refused to venture away from it. He truly feels in his heart of hearts that Donald Trump will be an good President because he is a businessman and not a career politician.  I am not a fan of Trump (the actor, businessman, or politician) and am still trying to sort my feelings — I am struggling. However, this post is NOT about President Trump.

Having been born in Minnesota, in an majority-white community, David’s parent’s instilled in him a love for people as a whole. But, I will tell you that I believe I am the FIRST black female that he has spent a copious amount of time with. No, really, he has been immersed in my blackness and I in his whiteness. LOL!

Me, I was born and raised on the west coast and have always been subjected to a more liberal and accepting lifestyle, I was taught that I am not the judge and even if I do not agree with something does not mean I am automatically to dislike someone. I had parent’s who allowed me to express myself freely and learn how to resolve conflicts in a way that worked for me.

I am/was an avid supporter of Obama for many reasons but most importantly, I believed that any black man who would even have the audacity to run for President within the walls of this country with poise, integrity, perseverance and drive deserves a further look to really understand his long-term objectives, goals, and achievements. And, that is exactly what I did, I sought a full understanding of the man, good and not-so-good.

I wasn’t the biggest supporter of Clinton,  But, I was a non-supporter of “all things Trump” which made me part of the 93% (7% overall) of black women who voted Hillary! Yes, I was with Her because I couldn’t be with Him. BTW, David wasn’t the biggest Obama fan but, I never heard him say one disrespectful word about him and, he always said he was praying for Obama. SN: David is encouraging me to whisper a prayer for President Trump and, God would have it no other way. But, I need your prayers to fight this flesh that does not want to be obedient. Help a Sistah out! Grab your Bibles, Holy oils, prayer clothes, blessed water, everything you have and hurl it my way! 🙂

Now, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t removed a few people from my life (relatives included) because of their views and avid support of Trump. The difference between them and David (as I’ve witnessed) is they had very personal and negative beliefs about everything outside of themselves such as: How they feel about Muslims, their feelings about the LGBTQ community, wanting a wall built,  wanting to drain the swamp, and have a despairing desire to see Hillary locked up. Honestly, I am grateful that they showed this ugly side as it simply made me aware that we were unequally yoked . I was always grateful that people, like David were not hiding the fact that they supported Trump.

David, unlike so many Trump supporters always presented his objectives supported by analytics, statistics, and information from some book he’s read. And, I would counter with the same as I love numbers and books as well.

David has always allowed me to express my very stern feelings and opinion about Trump and, I am sure when we were not talking or face-to-face he had serious convulsions yet, he never made me feel as if I was ‘totally’ wrong nor has he ever disrespected me on any level. Yes, in his eyes, much of what I had to say was wrong and you best believe what he often shared was not wrong in my eyes as well.

We’ve had some SERIOUS  and INTENSE political conversations but, there are three things that have held us together as true friend’s:

  1. Our Christian Faith – We are avid believers in the Gospel of Christ and truly believe that God is sovereign, His Word is true and our faith in him will shift the universe to respond to our needs in a very powerful manner. We love God and, will never make an excuse or justify His role in our lives.
  2. Our Firm Friendship – Over the year’s, we’ve grown a solid friendship that that has increased our value, worth, trust, and acceptance of one another.
  3. Mutual Respect – The cornerstone of our friendship is accepting each other exactly as God created each of us, flawed yet forgiven.

So yes, it is possible to remain ‘friends’ with someone with total opposite political views as you if in fact you have a solid faith system, a firm friendship, and a mutual respect for one another over and above politics, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.

But, if you’re not friends yet acquaintances, you may have some serious challenges after this political roller coaster. And yes, I cannot wait to get David’s feedback in six months, one year, well, that’s if … It is my blog, you know! L 🙂 L 

Maya Angelou profoundly wrote, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” David has shown me in countless ways that he values our unique friendship and, I believe him.

There has been no real victor between the two of us to date, not even with Trump being elected — It is my blog, you know! L 🙂 L 

All I know, “May the best woman (me) win!”

Move forward in Righteousness XOXO 



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