What Christmas Means to Me!

What Christmas Means to Me!

There are many things I simply do not engage other’s about or debate and, one of them is my faith system. Honestly, our entire lives are intertwined by a divine source and, the most we can do is respect one another and not glorify our beliefs over another’s. Besides, who are we to do so? Judge not unless you desire to be judged.

God calls us to simply love, clothe, and protect one another, He can handle all of the things in between and truly does not need any of our help. If we can focus on love-like (Christ) actions more (Mas), this world would be a much better place — Guaranteed!

I am a believer of a higher being and I call Him God The Father. I believe in the trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and the Holy Bible. I know all of the chatter (especially in the current climate) that challenges the validity of The Bible. But, one thing I know for sure is that anything that is constantly challenged, debunked, and criticized (like Black People) is the ‘real’ thing. I simply cannot justify or refute why so many used the Word of God to do ugly and deplorable things, but, what I can argue and justify is what I know for sure, “God has worked miracles in my life!” and the enemy has spent all of his time attempting to discourage me to not believe — He is a liar!

Christmas means for me that I should be reminded of a love that is greater than I. Christmas means to me that there is truly a higher being overseeing our lives who gives us a ‘free will’ to do and be. Christmas means a time to reflect on the goodness of life, overcoming, growing, achieving, and being the best we can be. Christmas means to me joy, peace, hope, and forgiveness. Christmas means to me that a Savior was born to cover me in ALL of my ways!

Christmas means holding steadfast to the spirit of giving without a thought of getting something back. It means a time of reflection on happiness because we see the real joy and humanness in (of) people. It is forgetting oneself and finding time for others less fortunate than us.

Christmas means it is time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create real and true memories that will last forever and hopefully make us better each year.

So, as we consider what Christmas mean’s to us, I’d like to share another perspective of what Christmas means to Detroit’s Finest, Stevie Wonder…




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