Who are you making rich?

Who are you making rich?

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Freedom Friday!

Happy Friday Beautiful Souls! I remember the day that I finally woke up and realized that I was helping so many people to become rich while I was not living the life I ultimately desired. It was the day that I noticed that I was always tuning in to every Law & Order series available. Yes, Law & Order, Law & Order Criminal Intent and Law & Order Special Victims Unit, which were just a few of the shows that I watchdc EVERY week faithfully. The producers could count on me if they could not count on anyone else in the world {Insert Giggle Here}. Every person behind that screen, I would have to imagine was/is living his/her dream and I was pouring my little coins (time & energy) from my pocketbook (life) into each of theirs making them rich beyond my senses. I certainly want to help people whenever I can, but not to the point where I sacrifice my (family’s) well being and goals to do so.

According to an article I read in the New York Daily News, the average American can watch up to 32 hours of television a week! Screech… yes, you read that correctly, 32 hours of taking time away from building one’s own dream to making the one (actors, etc.) living  the dream rich(er). This may seem impossible, but, I can remember a time where I would watch a certain channel (that targets women viewers) for hours on end every available Saturday and let me not forget to mention the marathon’s that are shown regularly. There are people who will argue that a ‘little bit’ of TV has never hurt anyone, but, the problem is that what constitutes a ‘little bit’ for many may actually be ‘a lot of bit’ in reality.

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I would like to challenge you to write down every single show you watched this week and how long they were (including commercials) plus any movies, live sports, news, YouTube videos, etc. and do the math. How much time did you spend in front of the screen making another rich?

My entire purpose of writing about making others rich is to encourage you to reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV and pour that time into making yourself better and ultimately driving yourself to be the rich person you desire. And, please remember that being rich is not all-inclusive of having money, it is so much more.

Here are a few suggestions of things you could be doing to make yourself and life rich:

1. Read more and broaden your thinking

2. Spend more time with family

3. Cook a special meal or even experiment in the kitchen

4. Meditate to become more focused and relax

5. Hang out with friends

6. Do an activity

7. Work on your favorite hobby

8. Volunteer

9. Work on your dream

10. Work on an immediate second income (a part-time gig)

So,please consider the amount of television that we watch each week and use that time on YOU. You will be glad you did as I have. Besides, “There are people who have money and people who are rich” because they are living THERE dream.

Questions: “How much TV do you watch a week?” “How much TV are you willing to cut to become rich?” Let me know in the comments below↓

Move Forward in Righteousness XOXO 
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  • Hi Yulunda.

    I stopped by to offer a (belated) Happy SITS Day sentiment.

    • YGladney says:

      Hello Beautiful!

      Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to reading your latest post, “Stronger in Broken Places.” Sounds inspirational and I can always use that, all day, every day.

      Happy Friday!

  • What a good post. I watch almost no tv (only a minute as I passed by the screen my family was watching this week). But surfing social media as a blogger can be time consuming and these same concepts can be applied to being careful of time well spent.

  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    You know at first 32 hours sounded a bit exaggerated but after thinking about it; that sounds about right. I don’t even actively watch tv, I just leave it in the background for whatever reason. It’s just in the living room, we do not have a tv in our bedroom; so when I’m cooking it’s background noise. There are only a handful of shows I actively watch every week, like 5, so yeah otherwise it’s reruns that just go in the background while I’m on the laptop or cleaning. 🙂 I agree though, too much tv in our life!! I’m guilty of it indeed. Have a great weekend Yulunda! -Iva

    • YGladney says:

      When I read that and visited Nielsen, I had to consider that it was the average as it is being skewed by the elderly who watch a lot of TV. Nonetheless, we have to be cautious of how we spend our precious time.

      I also have it on for background noise when I no longer want quietness in the house.

      Happy Friday Beautiful!

  • Laryssa says:

    Yulanda, you really have me thinking with this post. I’m going to track all my TV time this week. (I’m scared!) My hubby and I tune in faithfully to Law and Order SVU. It’s amazing how that show can get you sucked in so easily. Have a great week!

    • YGladney says:

      Hello Beautiful Laryssa – I know I was watching way too much TV and reduced it significantly to work on me and my dreams.

      Thanks for stopping by Love.

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