An Empire State of Mindfulness

An Empire State of Mindfulness

*This post is dedicated to the West Coast Empire Scandalites who encourage me to laugh loud with their hysterics every week 
First, Let me say that I giggled when my daughter said during the first episode, “Mom, Empire is a family show.” She saw the family unit and connected with that first before judging the lifestyle of each character and looking at the flaws of the said characters.

Now, please understand that there is always a ‘teachable’ moment in everything. And, I am not being led to shelter my kids from the things of this world, but to give then wisdom concerning those things. So we watched…
wpid-not-dying-1.gifAs we watched, I thought about it and reflected on the many black families that have dealt with much of the plight reflected each Wednesday on Empire from stereotypes to worldly expectations, self doubt, lack of trust and more.

Yes, I believe the Empire family does not falsify real life, nor does it build that fantasy lie of the picket fence and perfect marriage and children. Somebody may have to offer her life in return for all.

Empire is real life for so many and I am certain many of us can find a part of us in one of the characters. And, before we even try to judge, remember that we are only saved by grace so please, do not boast.

What is it about “Empire,” and the music moguls that has us tuned in like it’s our family and our story? Is it the ability to connect to the characters? The strength being displayed? The honest thought that God is real and is a miracle worker? That God loves everyone regardless of sex, creed, religion or even the bad choices made? Or maybe the importance of owning who we are?
wpid-run-pearls-1.gifThe appeal of “Empire” is widespread. I’ve heard that roughly 15 million people watch every week and, that is not by chance (Nothing just happens) . Could this be the show to bridge the gap between Black’s and Non Black’s? God does work mysteriously you know? I only say this because I have some non black friends tuned in and loving it and are actually able to discuss it in a civil manner and are starting to connect and become well, “Aware.”

wpid-run-pearls-2.gifYes, I’m fully aware of the negative comments floating around about the show. And, though I am NOT a fan of Fox, I will say that Empire is touching on a lot of issues within the black community. Christian beliefs, homophobia, mental illnesses, family disfunction, etc. In our community, many of these issues are swept under the house (forget a rug) or sealed behind double bolted doors.

So, to the naysayers or those who insist that the Saints should not engage in watching certain programming, I will allow Jesus to stoop down, and with His finger write on the ground and stand up to say, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone.”

wpid-white-mama-becky.gifThere’s always going to be controversy and we will all never be able to agree because of our beliefs.

I’m not sure why I was lead to watch this program, but, it has given me a lot to consider. Yes, I said “led,” since I am a friend Of God and all of my steps are ordered.


Now, “I encourage you to have an Empire state of Mindfulness!” 

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO
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  • Lisa says:

    As usual Y I am Writeous I enjoyed your overview of Empire. Although, I disagree with some of your statements I respect your boldness. First, I don’t believe God is apart of this show. We have to be careful of saying God is part of something just because it has some good points that I will speak on later. Second as Christians we have been called out from among the world so we should not be entertaining ourselves with mess. I could see watching a few episodes so that you will be able answer questions intelligently as to why or why you don’t support the show. We should be well rounded. Third the bible tells us to trained up a child in the way they should go. I believe there is a time and place of everything and don’t need see and know everything. This is one reason thast our kids grow up to fast becsuse we allow them to see things that their minds are not mature enough. Furthermore it says be careful what we let our eyes see and our ears hear. I know you and your hubby are excellent parents and just because some are standing on morals principles does not mean they that their kids are being sheltered. Fourth as Christians we are responsible for one another and we are suppose to speak up when we see our brother or sister is doing something that doesn’t line up with the Word of God. God is Righteous and we are suppose to be representatives of him.

    I agree we all have a.past but I believe we should be living this Christian life 85% -90% of time. Not practicing sin. I agree with.your statements about the show addressing topics that were once taboo in the black community and the church. But I would say today the black community and churches have made some strives but still have a long way to go. I’m not fan of the show or Fox but I have seen a couple of episodes with my hubby and its not for me.

    • YGladney says:

      Hello Big Sister! I Love that you stopped by and commented as I knew that if anyone would do so, it would be you. And I love that about you as your honest and forthright and will say it like it is — I appreciate it.

      Now, you know I penned this post after seeing all of the attacks Christians were making about those who have made the choice to watch Empire which, in my opinion is simply perplexing as it is the highest level of judgement. Who are we or anyone to tell someone that they are not one of because they choose to watch a certain program? Our lives as Christians have absolutely nothing to do with that. We’ve been called to love one another and perform the acts associated with loving one another (praying for, feeding, clothing, etc.).

      Now, don’t get me wrong, I will be the first to say that I only get three shows a week as I am working on my dream and Empire happened to be one of the ones. For me, it is entertainment and I don’t literally follow or condone everything happening on the show. Nor will I speak against the show and say that God is not in it as that is not my place. Especially since I believe God is in everything and present even in the bad because if He wasn’t, how would deliverance truly come. I know that He suffered for little ol’ me to cover me when I do make certain decisions that are not aligned accordingly.

      I am glad He looks at my heart and not my head because baby, I would be jacked up.

      Yes, I probably should have ignored the ignorance and attacks of other’s, but, that is not who I am. I will come to the rescue of those who are being made to feel guilty to let them know that no one person has the right to tell you what your doing is wrong. What they do have the right to do is pray for you and know that deliverance is at hand. And, just as you’ve done for me, bring things to my attention according to the Word so I can think about my choices.

      Finally, my kids do not get to watch much of anything, and, I have way bigger things I am sheltering them from and it’s much bigger than what is happening on Empire. Besides, they are covered, anointed and blessed. They will be wonderfully well.

      Love you to Life Lisa and love when we can have these discussions. You are unique in your walk and, I can only hope to get to your level one day! Don’t get me wrong, I am on your coattail! LOL 🙂

  • Emerald says:

    Hi Yulunda! I watch Empire but there are some parts that make me squirm because I know that God has nothing to do with it. No sin is greater that another, whether it’s homosexuality or lying, but I don’t cosign on either one.

    • YGladney says:

      Hello Beautiful, I agree but for me, watching the show is not sending any of us to the land of burning embers. We need to Chill in Jesus and not be soo deep. This stuff is happening all around us yet, we are not speaking out against it when I see it. Love Ya

  • AwesomelyOZ says:

    Haha love this, everyone is all gung hoe about the show. It’s a show. I don’t take these things very seriously or literal – but that’s just me. A lot of folks do and I can see their POV but like you mentioned, it DOES touch on a lot of issues that is prevalent in ALL communities. The reason it’s probably getting so much views is possibly people are able to connect more with these characters versus if it were an American family. It is a VERY over the top, exaggerated show with heightened drama but I feel that is why it gets easily 17 million views. Lol. Otherwise, it’s just a boring show about any old company. Have a great weekend lovely Yulunda!! Take Care -Iva

    • YGladney says:

      Hello Iva! Yes, there is so shonuff extra acting going on and for me, it’s entertainment and, when my daughter did watch, she was like, “They are some great actors.” She’s the Queen of Drama so, she should know. LOL 😘

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