Why Ferguson Hurts

Why Ferguson Hurts


It has been six years since this nation elected its first black president, and, I believe that was totally by an act of God. Since the election of President Obama, race relations are still as tattered & torn as they were prior to him sitting down at his Resolute desk in the Oval Office.

The pain and wound’s from Eric Garner’s choking death by police in Staten Island for selling cigarette’s is still raw in the minds of so many, as well as the death of Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed by a self-proclaimed neighborhood watchmen who felt entitled. We have not had an opportunity to heal from these two vigilante death’s, now Ferguson.

Yes, the community is outraged about Ferguson as this has been an ongoing battle that has traveled from generation to generation with no true reprieve. Strides have been made in this nation as it relates to better opportunities and rights, but by no means was it ‘given’, it was earned by dog bites, lynchings, being hosed down, being spit on, being set afire and by blood, sweat and tears, literally.

Yes, I was saddened to see some in the Ferguson community using the death of Michael Brown as an opportunity to commit criminal activity, but, they certainly do not represent the thousands of African Americans who are faithful to the community in which we reside. Yes, I pity them for their ignorance and lack of care and wish they had a better sense of self-respect and truly understand the self-destruction that they are perpetuating.

I agree that instead of rioting, we should be asking the questions of Ferguson officials and state officials and having peaceful protests, but, that is not the reality so, we need to deal with the situation as it is — people are angry. Michael Brown was a young black, unarmed male who was shot down and killed by a police officer after he put his hands up to surrender. He realized his indiscretion.

Ferguson hurts because:

  1. I am raising a black male, and at times, kids make wrong decisions, but, they do not need to face death because of those decisions. Somewhere in life, we all have received second, third and fourth chances. There is a way that this situation could have been handled in a more tactful, life-sparing manner.
  2. Michael Brown’s value is far greater than some item that can be purchased from a local corner store.
  3. If one’s hands go up, it is a sign that I am yielding myself to you, please do not harm me.
  4. One’s body should not have to lie in the street for hours to be investigated; one deserves better treatment than that.
  5. No one is truly taking ownership for the entire uprising of a community at the hands of one man.
  6. It is a candid matter when you consider those who have lost their lives at the hands of those who promise to serve and protect: John Crawford, Eric Garner, Dante Parker, Ezell Ford, Michael Stewart, Rekia Boyd, Aiyanna Stanley-Jones, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Kimani Gray, Kendrec McDade, Timothy Russell, Ervin Jefferson, Patrick Dorismond, Amadou Diallo, to name a few. Oh, and by the way, the first four were all murdered this month!!!
  7. Black boys/men matter and they are not all criminals, no matter how they act, talk, walk or wear their pants.
  8. The police are using extreme military tactics against it’s on citizens. Ferguson has turned into a battlefield.
  9. Protesters are being attacked with no real provocation. I thought if we see something we should say something?
  10. Police have received approval to use non-standard issued guns, tear gas and other hostile means.

No, I am not defending the actions of those who are wrongfully taking advantage of Michael Brown’s situation, but what I am saying is we are not “automatic” criminals simply because we have more melanin.

In case your wondering, yes, I am extremely perplexed by the black on black crime playing out in cities like Chicago. The difference between the two situations is one is an entirely different in-bred attack stemming from territorial dominance which needs an entirely different plan of diffusion as it involves a battle over drugs and gang violence.

Furthermore, people are protesting and rising up in their respective cities, even Chicago. But, that is not considered news worthy because it doesn’t involve an uprising or looting. The other difference is that Ferguson represents an attack by those who vowed to be fair and just.

In this nation, we must be willing and able to have the toughest conversations, especially those pertaining to race and the treatment received thereof.

Sometimes we must take a stand as, “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything!”

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO

  • Derrick Gladney says:

    The harsh reality we live in. Until we fix it, it will always remain a vicious cycle.

    • YGladney says:

      There are so many levels of hurt with the issue in Ferguson and situations like it. But, where and how do one start.

      This is something I need to research and learn more about.

  • Tiffany says:

    I never thought I would see Americans treated like they are war criminals, the police, swat, standing guard in the streets as if its not protesters standing before them, but armed soilders. Police departments are not trained for this sort of combat, and they shouldn’t be. Police are meant to “protect and serve”, it’s when those forget that motto, is when unjust violence occur. Everyone needs to stand down, protesters as well as police. I feel we are loosing sight of the story or the real issues, that a young man was killed and that race relations will always be an issue, no matter who are President is, and that when these things happen, swift and imeadiate consequence need to brought down on the appropriate departments, otherwise there will never be peace.

    • YGladney says:

      Tiffany, I love this dialogue and you are absolutely correct. The Peaceful protesters are being treated like criminals do to the actions of a few opportunists. Now, more anger has arisen.

      But if we do not take a stand, who will. To now know Michael took six bullets (two to the head) is perplexing. Another measure of force should have been deployed.

      • Tiffany says:

        Agreed, there needs to be a better way for law enforcement to show restraints especially in a non threatening situations, clearly sensativety training are needed all around. 6 shots to the body, that is criminal.

  • Yvonne Chase says:

    Let me start by saying how glad I am to not be a mother especially a mother of a black man in America. My heart goes out to all of my siblings raising black men in America. I have 9 nephews…

    If I were raising a black male in America, I would let him know the law is not on his side. I need someone to tell me why was Mike Brown stealing cigarettes? Did he deserve to be shot and killed? No but maybe he would be alive if he wasn’t out in the street doing wrong. The fact that he was doing wrong is all the ammunition they need to support their decision. We need to discuss that…

    In addition, I watched his mothers outrage when the decision was announced. While I understand her pain and anger, her display did not help her or her sons cause.

    Sure the laws need to be changed but we black people today are raising a generation of hooligans that the cops are trained to shoot and kill. We need to act like we know this and address this ugly fact.

    I have so much more to say but I’ll stop here…

    • YGladney says:

      Hello Yvonne – Nine nephews, yeah, we need to cover all of the babies with The Blood. The system simply was not created to cover and protect many of us, especially our black males. Truth of the matter is the white boys are running amok as well and are behaving badly and stealing just as much, the difference is, they are driven to juvenile or another location. I can remember when growing up, especially in high school kids just stole to be stealing, it always perplexed me. But, I am glad I did not have to go to any of their funerals for their foolish behaviors. Life really does matter.

      Unfortunately, we live in a world where our children are coming from so much brokenness that what we deem a crime, they almost believe it is normal. And, those of us who are working tirelessly to raise upstanding young men are being overshadowed badly and not all black people are raising hooligans. It’s unfortunate that we all get lumped together as one, but, so goes the world.

      My heart aches for the 12-year old Tamir Rice who was recently killed in Cleveland as that is my son, a 12-year old black male.

      I believe everyone has a lot to say on this situation, Eric Garner, Dillon Taylor, John Crawford and so many others and I cannot stop here. I must keep fighting for our Black Boys!

      Happy Tuesday, Yvonne!

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