Why I love to Support People

Why I love to Support People


When I was in middle school, I read a quote that changed my life and, I know this was the day I truly started to appreciate quotes and affirmations. The quote simply stated, “We are not here to see through one another, but to see one another through!” This quote coupled along with my desire to always go against the grain and let that one kid sit with me on the bus has made me the revolutionary that I am. Yes, I would even stand up for the bus driver if someone teased her (but, I got dropped off in front of the house, what?). Now, I never considered what I would do if I really had to fight my way out of a situation, but, what I did know is that I had to do what I had to do and, I am a great fighter (LOL). I guess I’ll blame God since he is the Potter and I am the clay, he molded me this way.

People are everything and I am glad that I learned at an early age to value people and pour in them by any means necessary. I love God’s most valuable creation and I know that deep inside, they love me too. I never focus on the person as it is always deeper than the flesh.

First, I would like to share that I had an opportunity to see Simon Sinek (Ted Talks Presenter) present for the second time, and like reading a book, you learn something new every time you read. One thing that he said that shook me to my core is, “We must sacrifice the numbers to save the people and not sacrifice the people to save the numbers.” I am committed to sacrificing the numbers and investing in the people. He also made me gasp when he said, “We must feel safe around those in our circle/workplace in order to perform at and be our best. If we feel threatened by anyone, we will focus on protecting ourselves and not giving our all as we are always guarded. How powerful is that? If your interested, Simon’s latest book (which I’ve got) is Leaders Eat Last Deluxe: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t.

Secondly, I serve on a Grants Council for a large organization (outside of my regular duties) and recently went out on site visits to several non-profits. The one visit that made me stop in my tracks was our visit to a youth homeless shelter where I had an opportunity to meet several teens who were displaced because they aged out of foster care, were running from abuse, were addicted to drugs or worse. But, can you believe that when we were there to visit, they turned off the video games, sat quietly and showed us the utmost respect because they simply appreciated us coming to visit them and wanted to make the best impression on us. They even said, “Thank you for visiting.” Needless to say, I cried all day! And, all I could think is, “These kids Matter!” Actually, I am crying now.

I support people no matter because the more we support one another, the stronger the community becomes and we cannot become strong by being selfish, the world was not designed like that. Speaking of community, I am so grateful that God quilted a wonderful soul into my life named Bijee. She too is a blogger who inspires people to be and do their absolute best. I encourage you to stop, pause, and take a moment to visit her blog. She is one of the most sincere women I’ve had the pleasure to work with and, I really thank God every night for sending her into my life, she keeps me on my toes. She blogs over at Reflections of A Good Woman. You can also find her by clicking the below:

The Reflections of a Good Woman

Now, let’s remember that “Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you.”

Move Forward In Righteousness XOXO 

  • You, ma’am, are the BEST source of encouragement that I’ve ever found! You’ve consistently supported me and am so proud of you for bringing your bright spirit to the world through this blog. Keep shining!

    • YGladney says:

      You have absolutely brightened my day SuperDaniYell! I am at a loss of words as I am overwhelmed with JOY. LOVE YOU Beautiful Soul

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